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Nov 6, 2016

By Milcha Sanchez-Scott

Directed by Steve Rothman


Nov 6, 2016

Director: Seonagh Odhiambo Horne 

Nov 6, 2016

Inspired by epic spectacles like Riverdance, Rockin’ Road To Dublin’s renowned ensemble is reviving the classic art form to create a new Irish show with a contemporary feel and a broad appeal. Choreographer and lead male Scott Doherty (Riverdance & Lord of the Dance) has teamed up with veteran Celtic rocker Chris Smith to produce an exciting fusion of music,movement and culture that has never been done before.

Nov 7, 2016

Plot your student leadership journey though the U-Lead program as you explore personal, group, and community leadership competencies. Learn about the Social Change Model of Leadership through the lens of Beyoncé’s Lemonade. In this workshop you will learn about the seven C’s of the Social Change Model through Beyoncé lyrics, videos, and references.

Nov 9, 2016

Experience all of the best things Southern California has to offer, as A.S.I. invites you to come out to our Farmers Market. We will also be showcasing various foods, drinks, and amusement parks. Don’t forget your reusable bags to purchase locally grown fruits and veggies.


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