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Sep 7, 2017

Solidarity in Saya presents the inspiring and little-known story of the Afro-Bolivian community that has used its traditional Saya music and dance as a form of resistance and empowerment. Directed by Maya Tokunaga Jensen, 2014, 36 minutes.

Sep 10, 2017

This exhibition explores the history and ways Latin American artists have responded to, played with, re-appropriated, and misappropriated Disney iconography. The exhibition runs from September 9 through December 16, 2017.

Gallery hours: Monday through Thursday & Saturday, 12-5 pm. Admission to the Luckman Gallery is free of charge.


Sep 11, 2017

Marginalized groups in U.S. territory have been forcibly erased from history. In present times, the arts have allowed different groups to reclaim their history. Join us for an in-depth conversation on the award winning musical that swept the nation and come hear what this theatrical production means to people.

Sep 12, 2017

Want your professor to know you on a more personal level, but don’t know how? Join us for an interactive discussion of conversation approaches, expectations, and how to build relationships with your professors!

Sep 12, 2017

The model minority myth would have us believe that Asian Americans don’t have issues. Through rap music and spoken poetry, artist jason chu guides the audience in reframing the narrative around Asian American mental health, depression, and struggle. Attendees will leave equipped to tell their and their families' stories from a fresh, honest, and hopeful perspective.


Sep 12, 2017

Are you or were you ever a part of the Cross Cultural Centers family? Share your experiences on camera! Be a part of the story. Visit the Cross Cultural Centers website to submit your experience via photo, video or 75 word statement. 


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