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Apr 1, 2015

The Surfer Food Truck


Apr 2, 2015

The Gourmet Genie’s wholesome Mediterranean fare is halal, kosher and organic, and includes such staples as hummus and couscous but is probably most popular for the gourmet fusion tacos and pita wrap sandwiches.


Apr 2, 2015

Wafl Truck is a gourmet food truck that serves savory and dessert waffles all over Los Angeles. We have a lot of options to pick from both worlds. Our savory waffles have a really good balance between sweet and savory. Sweet comes from the waffle itself and maple that we serve with. Savory comes from the produce that goes in the waffle sandwiches and sauces that comes with the savory sandwich waffles.


Apr 2, 2015

The Purple Silk Music Education Foundation in collaboration with California State University, Los Angeles’ Department of Music, Theatre and Dance and The Pacific Rim Institute of the Charter College of Education presents a concert featuring "The Great Wall Youth Orchestra of Laney College."

Artistic Director: Sherlyn Chew

Conductors: Guo Wan Peng,  Victor Siu

Featured Guest Artists: Dr. Paul DeCastro, Mr. Pui Yuen Lui & Mr. Haiyue Zhang

Apr 2, 2015

Cal State LA vs. Chico State

Apr 3, 2015

Cal State LA vs. Chico State (DH)


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