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Mar 5, 2015

If your Va-Jay-Jay could talk, what would it say? Listen to the empowering stories and monologues performed and written by Cal State L.A. self-identified women. Throughout the night, you will hear the authentic, lived stories of women and see how their experiences have made them even stronger! The performances will be diverse, and unique just like each performer! #TheVJJChronicles #WithTheGSRC

Mar 5, 2015


Mar 6, 2015

Professor Kathleen Rodger,
Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Economics & Policy,
USC School of Pharmacy:

"Preclinical and clinical development of angiotensin peptides for regenerative medicine"

Mar 6, 2015

Students in the Early Entrance Program at Cal State L.A. have created short films exploring ethics, morality, and technological change in the history of the American West. Their films examine histories of medicine, public health, environment, food production, and personal computers. Please RSVP at kkrieger@theautry.org

Mar 7, 2015

With inspirations drawn from the Jewish shetls in Eastern Europe, the David Orlowsky's The Soul of Klezmer, is a masterful expansion of the Klezmer folk music tradition. His adaptations and original compositions push creative boundaries offering a unique blend of folk tunes on the clarinet and strings.  Clarinetist David Orlowsky brings a full arsenal of carefully crafted compositions self coined as "world chamber music."

Mar 9, 2015

Join the many resident commuters and other stakeholders in the region who are seeking an opportunity to learn more about all aspects of this complicated and far-reaching issue. The SR-710 North transportation network was started more than half a century ago but was never completed. Studies are underway to evaluate mobility and find traffic congestion solutions between the western San Gabriel Valley and the east/northeast area of Los Angeles.


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