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Nov 3, 2017

Jesse Lerner, co-director of ISMO research team and associate professor of Media Studies at Pitzer College will present a screening of Cine Reciclado: Found Footage Fimmaking in Latin America at Cal State LA. 

Nov 3, 2017

This collection places Latin American and Latino production within a broader dialogue, as it establishes productive connections between periods, national contexts, and filmmakers, exploring the diverse ways of seeing and modes of image-making practiced by Latin American and diasporic producers. The book is unique in its ability to span countries, media, and time periods. It will thus be an invaluable resource for scholars, curators, artists and others interested in the history of Latin America, modern art, small-gauge film, political and Third Cinema and other non-commercial cinemas. 

Nov 4, 2017

Join us on a field trip to West Hollywood to see the Axis Mundo Queer Networks in Chicano LA exhibit. Exhibit curators and contributing artists will be present. Trip facilitated by Dr. Dionne Espinoza (Liberal Studies/Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies) and Dr. Ben Bateman (English/Center for the Study of Genders and Sexualities). The CCC will host transportation and lunch. Hold your spot for $10 at U-SU Room 306 starting Oct. 16. Space is limited and tickets are non-refundable. Participants must use transportation provided by the University-Student Union. 

Nov 6, 2017

Please view the American Communities Program's installation in the John F. Kennedy Memorial Library featuring material objects that undocumented immigrants brought with them on their journeys. The objects will be accompanied by flash autobiographical narratives. Exhibit runs from Nov. 6, 2017 through Dec. 28, 2017 on the first floor of the library.

Nov 7, 2017

How do we take care of ourselves when we’ve always been taught to put others first? Spoken word and performance artist Jade Phoenix Martinez helps us unpack the challenges of practicing self-care and articulate what wellness means for Asian/Pacific Islander Americans. Provided in partnership with Counseling and Psychological Services. 

Nov 7, 2017

In our current political climate there are lots of things to worry about. For many in our Latinx communities, self-care is the last thing on our minds. Join us to discover why self-care in this political climate is a radical form of resistance.


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