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Oct 20, 2014

Join us for a new Cross Cultural Centers series of programs, presented in collaboration with the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures – 5 Languages, 5 Phrases – where you’ll get a quick, yet informative, lesson of conversation starters in the most-spoken non-English languages around Cal State L.A., Los Angeles, and the world! Lesson #1, before you attend: The most-spoken non-English languages spoken on campus are Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Armenian, and Vietnamese. We’ll explore these and others this year!

Oct 21, 2014

Getting involved with a student club or organization is easy and can enhance your overall experience here at Cal State L.A.! Join student organizations and departments ready to meet you and share their involvement opportunities.  Explore what resources are available to you, learn about over 100 student organizations and discover how you can participate!  There is something for everyone, ranging from academic, cultural, spiritual, special interest, fraternities and sororities. #GetInvolved #ClubsandOrganizations


Oct 21, 2014

Celebrate Constitution Day 2014 at Cal State LA and discover what makes the United States Constitution one of the most influential documents ever written.  Express your opinion on important constitutional issues and write an essay for a chance to win a $50 book store gift card.  Essays are due by October 31 at the Center for Student Involvement.  Only Cal State L.A. students are eligible to enter and win the Constitution Day essay contest. #ConstitutionDay #GetInvolved 

Oct 21, 2014

The 2014-2015 ACP Fellows – Dr. Pablo Baler (Modern Languages and Literatures), Dr. Cheryl Koos (History), and Dr. Paola Marin (Modern Languages and Literatures) – discuss biopolitical themes.  What happens when life itself is socially regulated, and even scientifically produced? How is our world shaped by the governmental oversight of health, mortality, sexuality, and mobility?  The fellows will explore a range of emergent political, ethical, and aesthetic questions confronting us in what has been called the “biological century.”  

Oct 21, 2014

Join the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center in solidarity with survivors of intimate-partner and domestic violence, and learn about the impact it has throughout vast communities. This afternoon will incorporate a "Music and Movement" Workshop, which helps survivors develop a new way to tell their story.  The event is open to all and the workshop is limited 12 participants. Keep an eye out for the sign-up sheet at the beginning of the event.

Oct 22, 2014

This one hour session will cover basic scholarship application strategies, including building an educational resume, requesting letters of recommendation, and writing a personal statement. Students of all majors are welcome to attend.



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