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Nov 1, 2014

The Los Angeles Times calls the Luckman Jazz Orchestra “one of the country's finest musical organizations.” Under the direction of Charles Owens, the Luckman Jazz Orchestra has performed numerous concerts honoring jazz masters and has been joined on stage by some of the greatest living jazz vocalists today, including Dianne Reeves, Carmen Lundy, and Barbara Morrison. The orchestra was selected as an official cultural ambassador for Los Angeles and represented the city across the country and abroad in Sao Paolo and Berlin.

Nov 3, 2014

Attending college is a busy and hectic time for many students that can create problems. Some of these problems include feelings of not having enough time and being overwhelmed, procrastinating, and feelings of anxiety. This presentation will offer suggestions for coping with these problems. Handouts will be provided.

Nov 4, 2014

“Your English is so good.” “S/he can’t be lesbian/gay. S/he’s too pretty/cute.” “That was really ghetto.” Although the intent may not be to offend someone with your words, the way they’re received by the recipient can be offensive. Learn about the way “microaggressions” play out in terms of ethnicity, class, and gender through our words and actions – without us even knowing we’re doing them – and how to respond if you’re a recipient of microaggressive words and behaviors in or out the classroom.

Nov 4, 2014

Reports about thousands of unaccompanied children arriving into the U.S. from Central America have dominated the media this summer and continue today. Politicians and the public grapple with how we as a nation should respond.  Join the Chicana/o Latina/o Student Resource Center for a discussion to learn more about the history of immigration, policy, and current trends. Share your thoughts, ideas, or possible solutions.

Nov 4, 2014

Need a job on-campus?  Want to find employers looking for CSULA students and grads?  Learn how the CSULA online job board allows you to search for on and off-campus jobs and much more.

Nov 4, 2014

This event explores the 2010 Islamic backlash against homosexuality in Turkey, and the discourses that followed from it among Muslim women and LGBTT activists.


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