CSLA Facility Coordinators


Art Dept. & Galleries

Art Dept., (323) 343-4010
Fine Arts Bldg. galleries & patio
Athletics, David Thomas

(323) 343-3079
Gym and athletic fields
Classrooms & Lecture Halls:

For faculty- and student-sponsored events,

have your department call Tita Cisneros,

Scheduling, (323) 343-3860

For community organization-sponsored

events, contact Publications/Public Affairs,

(323) 343-3050

Biological Sciences Bldg.

Electronic Classrooms

E & T Bldg.

King Hall

Physical Education Bldg.

Physical Sciences Bldg.

Salazar Hall *

Simpson Tower *

Student Affairs Bldg.
Dining Services, Diane Pham

(323) 343-4930
Eagles' Landing

University Club/patio
Facilities, Jill Carnahan

(323) 343-3792
Outdoor venues
Housing, Michelle Waiters

(323) 343-2527
Student Housing Complex

guest suite
Library, Jackie Hinson

(323) 343-3953
John F. Kennedy Memorial Library bridge
Luckman, Byron Bauer

(323) 343-6619
Luckman Complex/Street of the Arts
Parking/Security, Judy Castaneda

(323) 343-3700
Parking lots
Roybal, Irene Jaimes

(323) 343-4724
Roybal Institute
Performing Arts, Carol Tanaka

(323) 343-4004
Arena Theatre (seats 99)

Music Hall (seats 200)

State Playhouse (seats 400)

Dance Studio (King Hall 5th floor)

Music Patio

Music Building - classrooms
U-SU Central Reservations:

(323) 343-2465

For major events:

U-SU/S*U*P*E*R, David Quezada

(323) 343-2450
University-Student Union

Free Speech Area/Union Walkway

* = site temporarily not available due to retrofitting.