Cancellations and Refunds

Students enrolled in courses and programs offered through the Summer Session in the College of Professional and Global Education (PaGE) are entitled to a refund when they follow the established campus procedures.

Students must drop all courses or completely withdraw by the Friday before the start of the term to receive a 100% refund of tuition less an administrative fee. The administrative fee will be withheld from all refunds unless withdrawal is a result of a campus regulation, compulsory military service, disability or death of a student.

Students who drop (partial units or completely withdraw) from the start of the term and up to the 60% point in the session will receive a pro-rata refund of tuition less the administrative fee. The pro-rata refund is based on the drop or withdrawal date and the length of the term minus proration charge. Students must pay tuition for the number of days enrolled in the session. Detailed Refund Policies and Proration Schedules information can be found on the Disbursement Office website.  Please check the Summer 2016 Refund Policy and Proration Schedule

For additional questions regarding refunds, please contact the Disbursement Office at (323) 343-3630.