Survival Tips

Survival Tips for College Students:

•How to read like a historian:
Having trouble keeping up with class readings?  I've put together some tips on how to read more efficiently and effectively. It downloads as a .pdf file. For further advice, take a look at Professor Timothy Burke's helpful essay.

•How to write like a historian:
Troubled by the passive voice or run-on sentences? Unsure when to use "I" in your prose?  Want to learn more about how and why history professors often have different expectations for student papers than philosophy or English professors?  Go here for a great collection of writing "hand-outs" on these and other topics, prepared by an institution dear to my heart, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  For more general writing advice, download (.pdf) my own handout on how to write an argumentative essay in college.  It lays out some overall essay-writing principles and offers a step-by-step process for writing better papers.

•How to talk like a historian: 
Click here to download as a .pdf file my glossary of terms used in History 388 (Historiography).