Planning, Design and Construction

Facilities, Planning, Design & Construction (FPDC) oversees the planning, design, and construction of new and existing campus facilities and/or infrastructure that promote learning, collaboration and academic research. FPDC is:

  • Responsible for long-range planning and implementation of the Campus Master Plan through the Capital Improvements Program.
  • The primary contact with the CSU Office of the Chancellor on the annual development of the five-year capital outlay program.
  • A team of staff and contracted design professionals, construction project managers, cost control and contract specialists represent the interests of the campus, working with the Office of the Chancellor, state, university community, and local agencies to coordinate and manage the development of capital projects.
  • Home to the Deputy Building Official (DBO) who is responsible for ensuring building code compliance for the campus and is responsible for maintaining the SFDB (Square Foot Data Base) of the campus and its coordination with the CSU Office of the Chancellor.  

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