Miles Finney

College of Business & Economics
Department of Economics and Statistics
Office Location: ST 909
Phone: 323 343-2937 Email:

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Ph.D. Economics, 1992
University of Houston, Texas

M.A. Economics, 1989
University of Houston, Texas

B.A. Economics, 1986
University of Texas - San Antonio



Statistics (Econ 3060)
Microeconomics (Econ 4100)
Public Finance (Econ 4330)
Environmental Economics (Econ 4340 and 3340)
Urban Economics (Econ 4400)
Data Analysis, Reporting and Presentation (Econ 4910)




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"Interdependence in the Technology Adoption Decision among Municipalities," Applied Economics, p. 4343-4352, 43 (28) 2011. (with Mann J. Yoon)
"Income Sorting and the Demand for Clean Air: Evidence from Southern California, Land Economics," p. 19-27, 87 (1) 2011. (with Frank Goetzke and Mann J. Yoon)
"The Effect of Urbanization on Labor Turnover," Journal of Regional Science, p. 311-328, May 2008. (with Janet E. Kohlhase)
"A Threshold Cointegration Analysis of Asymmetric Price Transmission From Crude Oil to Gasoline Prices," Economics Letters, p. 233-239, November 2005. (with Li-Hsueh Chen and Kon S. Lai)
"Asymmetric Interdependence in the Provision of a Local Public Good: An Empirical Examination," Public Finance Review,  p. 648-668, November 2003. (with Mann J. Yoon)

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