Ji Son

College of Natural & Social Sciences
Department of Psychology
Office Location: KH 3061
Phone: (323) 343-2261 Email: json2@calstatela.edu


I am an associate professor at CSULA and enjoy teaching statistics and cognitive psychology. I am particularly interested in helping students gain skills and perspectives that will continue on with them beyond their time at CSULA.

When I am not teaching courses or conducting research with my excellent students, you can find me parenting two cute boys, blogging about my experimental parenting style, baking muffins with vegetables in them, and obsessively reading NYTimes and the Atlantic.

Dr. Ji and her boys


I teach courses in research methodology, statistics, developmental psychology and cognitive development. My classes are designed to get students interested in pursuing research, practiced in critical thinking, engaged in theoretical debate, and intent on real-world application. In an increasingly information-rich world, students need to understand how to pick out, attend to, and integrate relevant information. This need is the focus of my teaching philosophy as well as my research. Additionally, I have a General Statistics Online Course featured on Educator.com.


I am interested in the development of abstract, intelligent, and flexible thinking – the kind of thinking that helps us tackle new problems and challenges. My research examines how children learn about the world and when they apply their old learning to new problems, a process commonly called generalization. Through a variety of creative games and activities, I test what aspects of the learning experience can lead to generalization. These research studies are done with very young children learning about shapes, colors, and patterns but also with school-age children and adults learning about science and mathematics. (Get more information about this research at the Learning Lab website).


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Title Date

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Post-Doctoral Training, Psychology 2007-2009

  • UCLA
    Los Angeles, CA

PhD, Cognitive Science and Psychology 2007

  • Indiana University
    Bloomington, IN

BS, Cognitive Science 2002

  • UCLA
    Los Angeles, CA