Cal State LA Department of Philosophy Faculty and Staff

Talia Bettcher

Talia Bettcher Chair (Ph.D., UCLA)

feminist philosophy, transgender studies, queer theory, early modern philosophy   

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Kayley Vernallis

Kayley Vernallis, Associate Chair (Ph.D., UC Berkeley)
moral psychology, ethics, aesthetics, gender and sexuality, feminism, 19th and 20th century Continental philosophy
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 • Full-Time Faculty

Mohammed Abed Mohammed Abed (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison)
ethics, social & political philosophy, classical Islamic philosophy
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Mark Balaguer Mark Balaguer (Ph.D., City University of New York)
metaphysics, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of language, metaethics, logic
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Sharon Bishop

Sharon Bishop, Emerita (Ph.D., Harvard University)
ethics, social & political philosophy, moral & philosophical psychology, feminist ethics

In 2006, Professor Bishop co-founded and endowed the Ann Garry and Sharon Bishop Feminist Philosophy Lecture Series at Cal State LA.

Anna Carastathis

Anna Carastathis (Ph.D., McGill University)
feminist philosophy, critical race theory, postcolonial & anti-colonial thought, Marx & Marxism
Prof. Carastathis is on academic leave for the 2014-2015 academic year.

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Richard Dean Richard Dean (Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
moral theory, history of moral philosophy
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Foad Dizadji-Bahmani Foad Dizadji-Bahmani (Ph.D., London School of Economics)
philosophy of science, philosophy of physics, philosophy of probability
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Ann Garry

Ann Garry, Emerita (Ph.D., University of Maryland)
feminist philosophy, philosophical methods, epistemology, applied ethics

In 2006, Professor Garry co-founded and endowed the Ann Garry and Sharon Bishop Feminist Philosophy Lecture Series at Cal State LA.

Ricardo Gomez

Ricardo J. Gomez (Ph.D., Indiana University)
philosophy of science & technology, philosophy of mathematics, Kant, Latin American philosophy
E&T A412
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In 2011, professor Gomez co-founded and endowed the Ricardo Gomez and Joseph Prabhu Fund for Lectures on Human Rights and Poverty, which sponsors a yearly lecture.

Henry Mendell Henry R. Mendell (Ph.D., Stanford University)
ancient philosophy, history of ancient mathematics and science, philosophy of science, metaphysics
E&T A422
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David Pitt

David Pitt  (Ph.D., City University of New York)
philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, metaphysics
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In the fall term 2014 Professor Pitt will be Visiting Professor in the Department of Philosophy and a Fellow at Institute for Advanced Study, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, as a Fulbright Scholar.

Joseph Prabhu

Joseph B. Prabhu (Ph.D., Boston University)
ethics, 19th and 20th century Continental philosophy, Indian and comparative philosophy, social and political philosophy, philosophy of religion
E&T A421
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Michael Shim Michael K. Shim Director of Graduate Studies (Ph.D., SUNY Stony Brook)
20th century Continental philosophy (esp. phenomenology, Husserl), early modern philosophy (esp. Leibniz, rationalism, Kant), philosophy of mind, philosophy of language
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Emeriti: Thomas Annese, Donald Burrill, George Vick.

 • Lecturers

Bruce Atta Bruce Atta
E&T A221
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Jay Conway Jay Conway (Ph.D., UC Riverside)
Continental philosophy (esp. Bergson, Deleuze, Sartre, Foucault, and Derrida); modern philosophy (esp. Spinoza and Hume); aesthetics; social-political philosophy
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Dirk Farner Dirk Farner (Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara)
ancient philosophy, history of philosophy
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Ronald Houts Ronald Houts (Ph.D., UCLA)
critical thinking, logic, perception
E&T A414
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Keith Kaiser Keith Kaiser (Ph.D., UCLA)
metaphysics, philosophy of mind
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Steven Levy Steven R. Levy (Ph.D., UCLA)
epistemology, metaphysics, logic, applied ethics
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Sheila Price Sheila Price (M.A. Philosophy, M.A. Folklore & Mythology, UCLA)
recent philosophy, philosophy of religion, comparative religions, East Asian philosophy, environmental ethics
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Henry Talifer

Henry Talifer (J.D., Santa Clara University School of Law; Ph.D., USC)
philosophy of religion, existentialism, applied ethics

Professor Talifer passed away in August 2013, after teaching at Cal State LA for nine years. In 2006 he established the Ryan and Jack O'Shaughnessy Scholarship fund for MA students in philosophy. His wife, Lucille Hoffer Talifer, survives him, and continues to support the scholarship fund.