Prospective Students

Welcome, Prospective ULRN students

The Urban Learning major has an interdisciplinary curriculum with the themes of critical thinking, social sciences, human development and multicultural education.  The focus of the Urban Learning program is on the learner.  Students learn how to teach typical and atypical learners, develop critical thinking, use the power of diversity, assess learning, incorporate play in learning, increase literacy and build relationships in an urban setting.  Students also learn collaborative and peer leadership skills needed by contemporary teachers.

The Major and Credential Options

The major program consists of 180 units of general education preparation, coursework in the major and electives appropriate to the students's credential option. Students may earn one of the two credentials in the program:

  • Multiple Subject credential, preparing the student to teach children grades K-8 in self-contained classrooms.  Students may also add a subject matter authorization to their credential, allowing them to teach subject matter curriculum for grades 7-9.
  • An Education Specialist credential, preparing the student to teach children with disabilities ranging from birth to grade 12, depending upon the disability option they select.  The student may select from among five options:  Early Childhood Special Education, Mild-to-Moderate Disabilities, Moderate-to-Severe Disabilities, Physical and Health Impairments and Visual Impairment and Blindness. 

Our Cohorts

A principal goal of the Urban Learning Program is the development of students’ collaboration and teamwork skills. Each student in the Urban Learning major are assigned to a cohort at the beginning of the junior year. A ULRN cohort is a collegial group of students who take their coursework together while they work and study collaboratively.  Cohorts are made up of 20-25 Education Specialist and Multiple Subject candidates. The cohort is a critical academic, social and professional support system throughout the degree program.

For more information, download ourPDF Fileinformation sheet and follow the links to the left for information about how to apply to the program or for program advisement.