Junior Transfers

Preparing to Transfer from a Community College

Community College students planning to major in Urban Learning should seek regular advisement from their counselor while completing their GE requirements.  In addition to meeting the Cal State LA admission requirements, transfer students wishing to enter the ULRN program should:

  • Complete a course of study toward GE Certification in the 60 quarter units (39 semester units) applicable to the CSU Breadth requirements (see below)
  • Maintain a 3.0 grade point average in their coursework
  • Repeat and academically renew any courses with a grade of “D” or “F” in compliance with their college’s policy on repeat coursework
  • Demonstrate appropriate basic skills by passing the CBEST examination
  • Attempt the CSET Multiple Subjects examination

Students completing these requirements will be better able to move through the major and credential programs in a timely manner.

Certification of General Education Requirements ("GE Certification")

California Community Colleges can certify completion of up to 39 lower-division semester units (60 quarter units) applicable to GE-Breadth requirements. "Certification" refers to official notification from a California Community College that a transfer student has completed courses fulfilling CSU general education requirements.

After you have applied for admission to a CSU campus, you should visit your California Community College admission or counseling office to request certification of courses meeting CSU general education requirements. The California Community College will then officially notify Cal State LA that these requirements have been satisfied via your official transcripts. Cal State LA will also accept certification of courses meeting the CSU graduation requirement in the U.S. History, Constitution, and American Ideals.

Alternatively, students may seek certification under IGETC. All of the courses required for the IGETC must be completed in order for Cal State LA to accept the certification. Certification of "Areas" is not allowed under IGETC. Additionally, all of the courses used for IGETC must be completed with a C or better grade (a C minus is not acceptable) for the certification to be accepted.

It is important that you request certification of general education coursework. Certification will ensure that a CSU campus accepts all your courses in the areas in which the coursework is certified. If you do not request certification, the CSU campus you transfer to will apply your general education courses to the general education areas that are the most appropriate.

In addition to completing a course of study toward GE certification, students are encouraged to take courses equivalent to ENGL 2010 (Advanced Composition)and MATH 1100 (Fundamentals of Real Number Systems).  These courses will allow students to move through the ULRN program in a timely manner.  For assistance with course equivalents for your Community College, see the CSU ASSIST website.

Basic Skills and NCLB Testing Requirements

California requires credential candidates to pass two assessments as their progress through their credential program: a basic skills assessment (typically met via the CBEST) and the No Child Left Behind Highly Qualified Teacher requirement, which must be met by passing the CSET.  Students transferring to Cal State LA are encouraged to meet these testing requirements as early as possible.


Students must pass the California Basic Educational Skills (CBEST) to be admitted to the Charter College of Education and pass the State of California Basic Skills requirement.  You are strongly encouraged to pass this assessment before transferring to Cal State LA.  Failure to pass the CBEST early in your program can significantly delay your progress toward your degree.


The Urban Learning Program requires all students to pass the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET Multiple Subjects) prior to graduation.  Students who do not pass this test may be required to take additional coursework to prepare them to meet the requirement.  The CSET Multiple Subjects consists of three sections:

  • Reading, Language, and Literature; History and Social Science
  • Science and Mathematics
  • Physical Education and Human Development; Visual and Performing Arts

Community College students planning to transfer to CSULA and major in Urban Learning are strongly encouraged to begin taking the CSET as soon as they finish the coursework that corresponds with each section, and to have passed the test before they enter Cal State LA.  Failure to pass this test early can delay students’ entry into directed teaching and graduation.


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