Entering Cal State LA as a Freshman

Freshmen entering Cal State LA should seek advisement early and often during their freshman year.  Advisement is available from the ULRN program and in the Charter College of Education Advisement Center (see Advisement).  Advisement is available to freshmen as soon as they area admitted to Cal State LA, while they are still in high school. 

During their first two years, students entering as freshmen will complete a program of general education breadth coursework. Students majoring in Urban Learning and entering as freshmen will receive a written plan of GE coursework, which will make their progress through GE easier and assure they select the courses they need. GE coursework must be completed before students are placed in a ULRN cohort.

General Education requirements consist of five blocks, covering:

  • Basic subjects (Block A, 9 units)
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning (Block B, 9 units)
  • Arts and Humanities (Block C: 6 units)
  • Social Sciences (Block D, 6 units)
  • Lifelong understanding and Self Development (Block E, 3 units)
  • American Institutions (6 units)

Students must also complete:

  • An Introduction to Higher Education course (CCOE 1010, which also meets the Block E requirement)
  • An advanced (WPE) during their first 90 units of coursework
  • Two courses designated as meeting diversity requirements

It is recommended freshmen enroll in the following courses their first semester at Cal State LA:

  • CCOE 1010 (3)
  • ENGL 1010 (3)
  • A Block B2 course:  ANTH 2600, BIOL 1010, MICR 1010 (3)
  • A Block D course:  PSY 1500, CHDV 1400 or ANTH 1500 (3)


Urban Learning Program