Educational Technology Leadership

Earn an M.A. in Education Option in Educational Technology Leadership

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The M.A. program in Educational Technology Leadership at California State University, Los Angeles, is designed to prepare computer/technology specialists for schools, school districts, and non-traditional education and training settings. People completing the program might work as computer literacy teachers and lab coordinators, computer coordinators for a school or school district, computer-based trainers, or they may opt to stay in their regular classroom but use their knowledge to thoroughly integrate technology into their teaching.

You can enter this field with a bachelor's degree in any content area (e.g. communications, engineering, computer science, business, linguistics, math, science, urban learning, arts, etc.). You will become a member of the prestigious group of Instructional Technologists.

In order to prepare well-rounded instructional technology specialists, the program provides instruction in several areas: authoring tools, media design and development, computer applications in schools, leadership in computer/technology education, and educational foundations and research. Note : A Level 1 California Administrative Credential is required for the position of district-level computer coordinator. A valid California teaching credential is required for teaching positions in public K-12 schools.

As an added bonus when you complete the MA in Education Option in Educational Technology Leadership, you will also earn a Certificate in Computer Applications in Schools and the same coursework can be used towards the Supplementary Authorization Computer Concepts and Applications for individuals who hold a multiple or single subject credential. Students may apply directly to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing for this supplementary authorization and can use the following link:

Program Information Sheet    MA Program Application    University Catalog Link

Academic Calendar/Cohort Schedule

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

5th Quarter

EDIT 484  (4) h

EDIT 435 4) h

EDIT Elective

EDIT 580 (4) h

EDFN 596 Comprehensive Examination (0)

EDIT 451  (4) h

EDIT 502 (4) h

EDIT Elective


EDIT 430  (4) o

EDFN 500 (4)

EDFN 556 (5)

EDIT Elective






* Minimum of 45 MA Unit, h=hybrid, o=online

Required Courses (29 units) Electives (16 or more units)

EDIT 435 Computer Systems in Education (4)

EDIT 490 Special Topics in Instructional Technology (2-5)

EDIT 451 Survey of Instructional Media and Technology (4)

EDIT 510 Using Educational and Assistive Technology (2)

EDIT 484 Computer Authoring Tools (4)

EDIT 540 Instructional Graphics Design and Production (5)

EDIT 502 Fundamentals of Computer Education (4)

EDIT 550 Multimedia Design and Production (5)

EDIT 556 Technology Leadership in Schools (5)

EDIT 554 Video Technology in Education (4)

EDIT 580 Applied Experience in Instructional Technology (4)

EDIT 557 Computer Assisted and Managed Instruction (5)

EDFN 500 Evaluation of Educational Research (4)

EDIT 560 Internet and the World Wide Web in Education (4)


EDIT 565 Distance Learning (5)


EDIT 594 Selected Studies in Instructional Technology (1-5)