Sample Essays

Sample Essay #1

Exam Question:

The College Board claims that, “College opens doors for you that high school doesn’t. And college can change you and shape you in ways that you might not imagine.” However, making the transition to college can be intimidating. To make that transition less intimidating for future students, tell them about your college experiences.

Assume that you will speak to a group of young students in your home town about your college major and college experiences. Write that speech in a well-organized, detailed manner. Tell the students what it is like being a student in your major. In doing so, you may opt to describe the types of classes, assignments, and faculty you have encountered. How do you feel those encounters will prepare you for your career?

My Wonderful College Experience

           Good morning, everyone! I am Cherry from Guandong University, majoring in Chinese International Education, or Teaching Chinese to speakers of other Languages. This major is not as popular as economy major, but I consider spenting four years in college is the most wonderful journey I have ever taken. Interesting and inspiring classes, meaningful and challenging assignments and professional and warm hearted teachers are three main aspects that I really want to share with you. It is these three reasons that make up my life-changing college experience, which I won’t forget for the rest of my life.

            I strongly agree that classes you take have huge impact on your personal development and career development. Interesting classes attract students’ attention while inspiring ones promote thinking ability. These are about ten different classes per week. At the first and second year of college, the classes are mainly about Chinese language, Chinese literature, teaching method and second language theories. The most impressive class I took is Experimental Language Study, which features on using computer software to anaylize the characteristics of different languages and dialects. The science-based research makes me realize my bias towards languages and open up a whole new world of Language for me. All of these classes provide me a new perspective to view the world and myself, give me chance to think independently and critically and I believe this is one of the purposes of education. In addition to changing my outlook for world, these wonderful class place solid foundation for my career. Every time I work as an intern teacher, students as me why the language is pronounced like that and what is the deeper meaning for it, I can trace back to my college class and explain to them. The theories will guide you through the career experience.

            When it comes to assignments, they consist of two parts reflections and team work projects. Reading is meaningful, especially followed by reflections. What I want to highlight is that teamwork projects benefit students a lot. Once, I worked in a team on the topic of cultural research. We travelled to a new city, did interview with people on the street, handed out and collected feedback forms and walked into a company to experience its company culture. During the process, we discussed individual job and connected to each other in a tight way. After hard work, we finished our research presentation with great success. Teamwork projects are vital for nowadays student, for the reasons that they improve students’ communication skill, inter-personal skill and cooperational skill. What’s more, teamworking links people together, which is essential to their career development.

Sample Essay #2

Exam Question:

Updates about autonomous, or self-driving, vehicles has become a regular feature of the news. Companies such as Google and Tesla are testing autonomous passenger vehicles on the roadways. Using advanced technology, these cars are able to sense their environment and navigate without a human being behind the wheel. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) predicts that by the year 2040, up to 75% of vehicles could be autonomous. To meet that 75% mark, Alex Davies of Wired Magazine claims that people’s attitudes about driving and autonomous vehicles will need to change if autonomous vehicles are to become the standard mode of transportation. Consider the degree to which your attitude about self-driving vehicle.

Write a well-organized, detailed essay that explains whether you agree or disagree that self-driving vehicles should be allowed on roadways. In doing so, fully-support a few reasons that support your stance for or against self-driving vehicles. Be sure to use specific details supported by thorough explanations in your essay.

Self-driving cars

            Today we are living in the modern era of science and technology. Science has no doubt improved everyone’s quality of life, but mankind is also facing the adverse effects and bad consequences of technology.

            I have also heard about the autonomous of self-driving vehicles, myself a number of times. I don’t consider it as good idea. If a vehicle become totally automatic although it sounds very good to everyone at first, but it will directly put many serious of bad effects on the society and our country.

            First of all, I would discuss the vehicles in terms of technology. These vehicles which are being tested by companies like Google and Tesla are built to such perfection that they could be able to sense their environment and navigate without a human. In order to create such a perfect automobile system, the inclusion of very complex electronics and circuits is indispensable. These sort of circuit are so sophisticated that if they once get malfunctioned, a fully certified and qualified technician is needed to resolve this issue. I give an example of myself. One day, early morning I was just leaving for university, as usual. I just locked my door by using the electronic key. I was driving to reach the university on time but suddenly my hybrid car stopped and the fuel was indicating very low level approaching to almost zero. I always put mechanical key with me for an emergency and I was able to open the door of my car even if my car’s electronic lock key was not functioning otherwise, I would have locked in the car without an oxygen supply. Moreover these vehicles are supposed to be totally computerized even by a lay man. It could be very impractical if we nullify the existence of every manual counterpart including human being. Let’s understand this issue by taking another simple example, in case of every multistoried building there is a staircase built, although an elevator is there to make people reach upstairs and downstairs. Hence staircase is there to help if elevator malfunctions or out of order. Same case is there with these automobiles or self-driving vehicles.

            The second worst consequence that would effect the economy and society of our country is the issue of unemployment. Nowadays, many of our citizens are serving as drivers for automobiles. They are employing their personal cars and taxies to earn considerable amount of money in their hours of leisure. Many people have made this profession their bread and butter. In this scenario if this sort of automobile vehicle is offered to the consumers, it will be good for those who are unable to drive a car or any reason like disability but, it could promote a huge unemployment in our country which is not good for our society.

            The third main reason issue is related to our economy. Up till now hi octane gasoline and gas are used as fuel for automobiles, but the autonomous cars will employ ethanol or may be hydrogen as a fuel. This change in terms of fuel for automobiles will effect our fuel exports to other countries. As our fuel industry generates a great  position of revenue which is also utilized for the betterment of lives of every United States citizens.

            To conclude, I would suggest that the automobiles we are using these days are good enough. There is no need for the fully autonomous automobiles, because they may cost our country’s economy by decreasing our fuel exports and making our people unemployed. In addition, these autonomous vehicles being totally computerized are impractical to be used by a common man. hence it should always be backed up by manual system and human driver.