On-Campus External Space Reservation ( recognized student organizations only)

For all on-campus recognized student organizations looking to reserve a space for tabling or fundraiser. Refer to the diagrams to the right. 

On-Campus External Space Reservation (departments or course-related projects only)

For all on-campus departments or colleges looking to reserve a space for tabling or an outdoor event. Refer to the diagrams to the right.

Event Registration Form (off-campus groups only)

For all third party organizations requesting space on campus for an event. Must be submitted at least (14) days prior to event date. Facilities Use Coordinator will contact event sponsor for space availability.*

Film Request Application

For all filming taking place on campus. Must be completed and submitted to Office of Communication and Public Affairs for review. A script or synopsis must be attached to application with preferred locations included.*        

Courtyard and La Kretz Hall Lobby Reservations

For all on-campus departments looking to reserve an outdoor courtyard space or La Kretz Hall Lobby. 

(Music Building courtyard not included - please contact A&L Productions)

Amplified Sound Request

For all groups holding events with amplified sound. Including: (but not limited to) speakers of any kind, amps, music, microphones, etc*               

Temporary Food Permit

For all organizations planning to distribute or sell any food or beverages on campus from an outside vendor. Approvals from UAS and EH&S are required.         


*Please refer to AP 505 for more information on policies and procedures   

Walkway Diagrams

Making an external space reservation? Refer to the diagrams below and specify the location on the form. Each numbered square on the diagram refers to one 10'x10' space.

Main Walkway Diagram

PE to ASCB Diagram

Salazar Hall Diagram

King Hall Walkway Diagram