I am an off-campus organization, how do I book space for a special event?

Complete and submit an Event Registration Form or submit all general inquiries to [email protected] The Facilities Use Coordinator will notify you of availability and provide you with further information on the lease agreement, certificate of liability insurance requirements, and current rates. For large events, organizations will need to attend a Use of Facilities committee meeting to discuss logistics with on-campus departments involved with special events.

For the Golden Eagle Ballrooms or Golden Eagle Hospitality, please call: (323)-343-6770

For the U-SU Information and Event Services, please call: (323)-343-2465

I am a staff member, faculty member, or part of a recognized student organization, how do I book space for an event?

If you are a staff or faculty member and representing an on-campus department, you will be required to reserve space through the respective building administrator or through your department scheduler for use of instructional space. For further assistance please review "How to Make it Happen! (on-campus)"

If you are representing a recognized student organization, all reservation requests for bi-weekly meetings and external events must go through U-SU Information and Event Services. All events must be registered through the Center for Student Involvement. If you are looking to reserve an athletic facility, please contact the Athletics department.

For large events, it is highly recommended you attend a Use of Facilities committee meeting in order to inform the respective departments of event details. Please contact the Facilities Use Coordinator for more information. 

**Please note food is not allowed in the classrooms for student organization general meetings. 

**All events involving amplified sound (music, microphone, DJ, etc) require an approved amplified sound permit. 

I am a location scout and would like to view the campus for a potential shoot. (film, commercial, TV, or still photography) Do I need an appointment to see possible locations on campus?

Yes, please contact the Facilities Use Coordinator and schedule a site visit. Please specify the preferred locations.*

*Note: Not all locations may be accessible. Classes, students, staff or any University business operations may not be disturbed while on the site visit. 

How do I film or hold a still phtography shoot on campus?

All filming requests require an application to be submitted. Please visit the filming requests page for more information on the process of filming requests for students and non-students.

Fees are associated for any commercial film project or still photography shoot by organizations not sponsored by the University. If you plan on filming on campus, please contact [email protected] for more information and reservation availability.

I would like to utilize the free speech area, how do I make a reservation?

If you are part of a non-profit organization, you do not need a reservation to utilize the free speech area on our main walkway. Please check in at Administration 819 with the Office of Communications and Public Affairs and provide your contact information before you start tabling. Any use of amplified sound requires prior approval from the University. Distribution of all materials is the responsibility of the event sponsor. Any distribution of outside food must be pre-approved by UAS and EH&S.

If you are not a registered non-profit organization, please contact the Facilities Use Coordinator to make a reservation.

For more information on Time, Place, and Manner of Free Expression please see Administrative Policy P007 or contact the Facilities Use Coordinator.

If I am having an event on campus, am I able to market my event and post flyers on campus?

Please refer to the Campus Posting policy for posting specifications and guidelines.