Cal State L.A. - Educational Participation In Communities

Toy and Food Drive

The Toy and Food Drive is a campus wide event that has taken place for the past 32 years. E.P.I.C. has coordinated this event centered on three main objectives:

  • To provide food and toys to low-income families during the holiday season
  • To give students, clubs, organizations, and all members of the campus community the opportunity to make a positive contribution in their community
  • To place students in an environment that allows them to integrate classroom theory with real life experiences

These goals are achieved through a collaboration of students, staff, and faculty, who come together to collect toys and food. After the collection is completed, the donations are distributed to families who are selected from the caseloads of agencies that E.P.I.C. works with throughout the year. These agencies serve the Asian, African American, Latino, and Native American communities. The expected outcome of the event is to provide a much needed service to the community, as well as instill a sense of the importance of community service.