Cal State L.A. - Educational Participation In Communities

Service Learning at Cal State L.A.

Service learning is a teaching and learning strategy that provides students with organized and meaningful experiences outside the classrom that are designed to enhance their understanding of information, knowledge and theoretical principles shared in the classroom.

Learning Objectives Include:
  • Enhancing student learning by integrating theory with meaningful community service
  • Enabling students to recognize and appreciate the relevance of course content in the "real world"
  • Addressing needs identified by community-based agencies through meaningful community service
  • Better enabling students to critically reflect upon the relationships between their actions and the world around them
  • Increasing students' understanding of communities and the agencies that serve them
Students who enroll in service learning courses are expected to:
  • Develop mastery of course content through integration of subject matter with community-service experience
  • Increase their awareness of community-based agencies' goals needs, strategies, and infrastructures
  • Enhance their ability to think critically about the relationship between their service and the broader community
  • Build a stronger sense of community and commitment to social responsibility