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‘Best Media Presentation,’ ‘Future Star’ awards for CSULA’s aspiring fashion designers

Duo honored for exoskeletal corset, lymphatic dress, sticker dress, zipper bustier

Photo: CSULA's award-winning fashion design student Begonia Kroeger.
Begonia Kroeger and her fashion designs. Photo: CSULA's award-winning fashion design student Daphne Mangin.
Daphne Mangin and her fashion designs.

For their innovative and creative fashion design portfolios, Cal State L.A.’s Art students Begonia Kroeger and Daphne Mangin were both recently honored by the California Fashion Foundation (CFF) at the Textiles Association of Los Angeles (TALA) 2012 Scholarship Awards Program.

Award winners received scholarships in the name of industry donors who contributed to the TALA Scholarship Fund.

Kroeger was presented the California Apparel News “Best Media Presentation” Award for her Exoskeletal Neck Corset, Lymphatic High-Waisted Legging with Reversible Hoodie and the Lymphatic Dress with Matching Fingerless Gloves and Reversible Brain Hoodie.

According to Kroeger, the designs are tailored for women between 18-27 who are single, college students or new graduates, specifically those living in urban and metropolitan areas in Los Angeles. She noted: “The customer for these designs is also very artsy, embraces eco-friendliness, and practices sustainability—along with a unique sense of style.”

As for Mangin, she was presented the KWDZ Manufacturing, Inc. “Future Star” Award for her Name Tag Sticker Dress and Vinyl Zipper Bustier.

“The sticker dress is designed for women ages 20-30 who reside in major cities, have careers in the creative industry, and aren’t afraid to take risks when it comes to dressing up,” described Mangin, “while the zipper bustier is for women ages 18-30 who are all about detail when it comes to purchasing clothes.”

Both Kroeger and Mangin created their award-winning entries as part of the ART 492 Senior Project class, under the direction of Carole Frances Lung, assistant professor of Art at CSULA. They also participated in CSULA’s “Spectrum Exposed,” a fashion show that showcased apparel designs created by graduating students in the University’s Fashion and Textiles Program.

Professor Lung said, “The TALA scholarships acknowledge the achievements of up and coming L.A. fashion design students. The association is also very interested in innovations in textiles, and with awarding students who want to stay in L.A. and influence the future of fashion.”

“The scholarship event was an excellent opportunity…to meet industry professionals who gave me a great deal of useful advice,” said Mangin, whose interest is in producing garments with nontraditional prints. “My career goal now is to obtain assistant jobs with design companies and ultimately learn from those, in order to create my own clothing line.”

TALA provides valuable business resources worldwide to textile companies, sales representatives, manufacturers, importers, agents, and allied associations, and helps the industry navigate the landscape of world trade.

The CFF aims to make a positive contribution to the knowledge and welfare of constituents of the apparel and textile industries, and to demonstrate that the industry supports and shoulders the efforts of it employees.

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