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Ferguson Courtyard named in honor of esteemed faculty

Photo of Dr. Lloyd N. Ferguson acknowledging the campus community for the honor.

Pictured: (l-r) CSULA’s Dean James Henderson, President James M. Rosser and Provost Ashish Vaidya congratulating Dr. Lloyd N. Ferguson at the Feb. 18 dedication ceremony.

Photo of Ferguson Courtyard.

Nestled between La Kretz Hall and Wing B of the Wallis Annenberg Integrated Sciences Complex on the Cal State L.A. campus is the new “Ferguson Courtyard.”

The courtyard was recently named in honor of Cal State L.A.’s emeritus professor of chemistry, Lloyd N. Ferguson, as a tribute to his campus accomplishments and his national and international scientific contributions.

The standing-room only dedication ceremony on Feb. 18 included remarks by CSULA President James M. Rosser, among others, and the unveiling of a bronze plaque engraved with Ferguson’s name and portrait. Ferguson, who briefly expressed his humble gratitude, was received with a standing ovation.

“Dr. Ferguson’s legacy of working hard to achieve his educational goals, continually encouraging students to share his love of chemistry, and working tirelessly to give others educational opportunities make the naming of this courtyard in his honor a legacy that will inspire students for generations to come,” said James Henderson, dean of the College of Natural and Social Sciences at CSULA. “It is only right and fitting that a gathering place for students where they can learn science and make the most of their learning opportunities would be named for Dr. Ferguson.”

According to Robert Vellanoweth, a CSULA alumnus and chair of the Chemistry and Biochemistry department at CSULA, “While Lloyd was in the Chemistry Department here, he made many contributions to alicyclic chemistry, especially in regards to the structural basis of sweetness. This concept of structure defining function has long been a central tenet of chemistry and Lloyd’s own work pushed that concept directly into biology, where it is continually demonstrated to this day. Lloyd’s most important legacy, though, is his strong support for a true teacher-scholar model, where one’s research endeavors are most meaningful when they provide opportunities for students to directly engage in expanding our knowledge. Fittingly, this Courtyard is surrounded by two new research laboratory buildings where students work closely with faculty members pushing our knowledge forward into the future.”

Ferguson, who taught in Cal State L.A.’s Chemistry and Biochemistry department for 21 years, served as director of CSULA’s MBRS (Minority Biomedical Research Support) program from its inception in 1973 through 1984. He served as a role model for hundreds of underserved students who have gone on to careers in science and technology. He was recipient of Cal State L.A.’s 1973-74 Outstanding Professor Award and the 1980-81 CSU Trustees’ Outstanding Professor Award.

In 1995, the Lloyd N. Ferguson Distinguished Lecture Series was established to bring leading scientists to the CSULA campus annually. Each year a Lloyd N. Ferguson Scholarship is also presented to a select freshman majoring in chemistry or biochemistry.

For more about Ferguson: /univ/ppa/newsrel/ferguson-courtyard.htm.

For YouTube video of the dedication ceremony: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWjVwHudmDM.

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