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Via theory of evolution, his influence carries on

‘Darwin Now’ exhibit, featuring a ‘Tree of Life,’ on display at La Kretz Hall

Picture of attendees at the opening reception of the Darwin Now exhibit at La Kretz Hall.

Picture of “Tree of Life,” part of the Darwin Now exhibit.

What does Darwin’s theory of evolution mean to you?

Members of the campus community are invited to write their thoughts on a tag and hang it on the iconic “Tree of Life,” part of the recently installed “Darwin Now” exhibition on the CSULA campus.

An eight-panel (each double-sided) exhibition donated to the University by the British Council, “Darwin Now” explores naturalist Charles Darwin’s life, his groundbreaking ideas and their relevance in the 21st century.

On display at the La Kretz Hall lobby through Dec. 2011, the former-traveling exhibit was originally produced to commemorate Darwin’s 200th birthday (February 12, 2009) and the 150th anniversary of the publishing of his most renowned work, On the Origin of Species.

CSULA faculty, staff and students are also encouraged to incorporate the exhibition into various interdisciplinary activities, classes and campus events throughout the year. For more information on this community-building experience, call (323) 343-4165 or (323) 343-2000.

What is Darwin’s theory of evolution?

Picture of Charles Darwin. (source: PBS)

“Darwin’s theory of evolution describes the descent of all living organisms from a common ancestor. Natural selection is the principal mechanism that causes evolution.” (Source: http://www.bio-medicine.org/biology-definition/Evolution/)

“Evolution through natural selection explains why species were so well adapted to their environment and how new species would form. The theory of evolution is considered to be fundamental not only to biology, but also to many aspects of contemporary science. Darwin’s ideas have also had a wide-reaching influence on theologians, historians, psychologists, philosophers, and sociologists.” (source: http://www.britishcouncil.org/latvia-projects-darwin-now-theory-evolution.htm)

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