Virtual Tour | Spotlight

See Cal State L.A. like you’ve never seen it before—virtually

Screen capture of the Virtual Tour front-page interface.

Travel around campus. Step into classrooms. Discover the vast variety of opportunities and activities available to our students. From where you are right now, without leaving your chair. (Still online, right?)

Cal State L.A.—California State University, Los Angeles—is a robust, urban campus; and our student guides, Lorraine, Serinah, Max and Willie will show you around. Follow their lead—or select a self-guided general tour—and you will learn in an interactive, virtual environment about campus life, academics, athletics, student services, facilities, and more. The virtual tour is also accessible for those with disabilities.

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Ready to start exploring?

Screen capture of the Virtual Tour general-tour option.

Start your tour by selecting your guide. Each offers a tour from their own perspective: Lorraine, a freshman; Serinah, a transfer student; Max, a student athlete; or Willie, a graduating student. They share an insider’s view on navigating campus, locating resources, and what it takes to succeed at Cal State L.A.

The general tour is good for intrepid explorers interested in touring campus on their own. It covers all 29 stops, providing helpful facts and tips.

Screen capture of the Virtual Tour map.

Once in the tour, you can navigate among locations by clicking on the balloon-like markers on the map, or on the building names in the menu to the left of your screen. When a location is selected, a new box will pop up with information about it. Exterior and interior photographs from that location then rotate through the viewing screen. Look for buttons in these boxes to hide text, hide your guide and even read your guide’s personal profile.

Don’t overlook the two 360-degree panorama vistas (denoted as the black markers on the map). They are at two of the busiest locations on campus: the Main Walkway and the University-Student Union Plaza.

Enjoy your virtual visit of Cal State L.A.—and if you are considering enrollment at Cal State L.A., then make plans soon for an in-person tour.