Tarik Booker | Spotlight

A grad student of many ‘hats’

Tarik models on the runway.

He strikes a pose, clusters computers, pens a poem

Striving to strike a balance between science and art, Tarik Booker wants to become a fashion designer, an electrical engineer and a creative writer.

Booker recently earned a Certificate in Textile Production and Management at Cal State L.A. A member of the Fashion Association of Design Students, he has showcased his apparel designs in the CSULA Fashion Show for two consecutive years. Much of his design work is inspired from geometrical relationships.

Besides designing his own line of clothes, Booker is pursuing a master’s degree in electrical engineering at Cal State L.A. His thesis will focus on control of chaotic systems.

Booker was responsible for helping to assemble the Computer Science department’s “clustered computer,” which interconnects several computers to form one. Also, he has lectured on very-large-scale integration used for microprocessors and semiconductors, and on message-passing interface applied to programming. He was a graduate research assistant at the University’s SPACE (Structures, Pointing and Control Engineering) Lab.

Again balancing creativity and structure, Booker writes short stories and poetry. In 2007, he served on the editorial board of the award-winning Statement Magazine, a literary publication produced by CSULA students. The magazine received the Content Award in the 2008 National Program Directors’ Prize for Undergraduate Literary Magazines, a contest sponsored by the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP).

Booker, who attended Oakwood School in North Hollywood, received his bachelor’s degree in computer science with a minor in mathematics at Cal State L.A.

Headshot of Tarik Booker"I’m simply thankful that Cal State L.A. was able to provide that many opportunities and wonderful professors in all of my departments that have allowed me to blend engineering discipline with artistic freedom.” – Tarik Booker

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