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Glossary of common medical terms in English and Spanish:

  • allergic reactions - reacciones alérgicas
  • asthma attack - ataque de asma
  • abdominal pain - dolor de estómago
  • abnormal breathing - respiración anormal
  • arthritis - artritis
  • blood clot - coágulo de sangre
  • blurred vision - vista nublada
  • bone fracture - fractura de hueso
  • blood pressure - presión arterial
  • calcium loss - pérdida de calcio
  • cardiac arrhythmia - arritmia cardiac
  • chemotherapy - quimioterapia
  • common cold - resfriado común
  • diabetic - diabética
  • facial paralysis - parálisis facial
  • fever - fiebre
  • flu - gripe
  • heart attack - ataque al corazón
  • HIV/AIDS - virus de inmunodeficiencia humano (VIH)/SIDA
  • hyperglycemia - hiperglucemia (azúcar alta en la sangre)
  • hypoglycemia - hipoglucemia (azúcar baja en la sangre)
  • intravenous injection - inyección intravenosa
  • leukemia - leucemia
  • lymph node - nódulo/ganglio linfático
  • menopause - menopausia
  • seizures - ataques, convulsiones

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As medical-interpretation careers grow, Saturday class offers bilingual boost

Doctor taking a patient's blood pressure. (Photo courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Fluent in Spanish and English? Looking for a job in the medical field? You could help California meet a growing demand for interpreters and translators in health care.

California law now requires that health-plan providers and insurers make available translated materials, language assistance and culturally-competent healthcare services.

“Introduction to Medical Interpretation and Translation: English-Spanish”—a Cal State L.A. course to be offered through the Division of Extended Education this fall—will prepare students for the state medical interpreting exam and for field work as a medical interpreter in either an inpatient or outpatient setting.

Taught by CSULA instructor Jorge Hernandez, this three-unit course will meet every Saturday, from 1-4 p.m., starting Sept. 26 through Dec. 12.

Hernandez, a practicing certified court interpreter, is qualified as a medical interpreter by the Judicial Council of California. He is also experienced in the areas of medical, telephonic and freelance translation.

According to Joann Edmond, Extended Education course coordinator, “The class introduces students to the fundamentals of medical translation and interpreting, including basic medical vocabulary in English and Spanish as well as syntactical differences between the two languages.”

The 11-week medical interpretation class is open to the public. For registration information or class location, call the Division of Extended Education at Cal State L.A., (323) 343-4900.

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