Elizabeth Wheeler | Spotlight

Tune in. Give back.
Don’t give up.

Elizabeth Wheeler was recently a guest on the “South Bay Woman” show on the HealthyLife.net radio network. In the segment, Wheeler addresses the joys and challenges of being CEO of PPG while staying competitive in today’s rocky economy: http://view.liveindexer.com/

Wheeler’s thoughts on Cal State L.A.:

“I am very proud to be on the Foundation Board at Cal State L.A. I encourage seniors that are close to graduating to stay connected to your University. Become an alum and give back. Go Golden Eagles!”

Her advice for students seeking opportunity amid a bleak economy:

“Never give up! Be willing to take any job as it pertains to your desired career. Don’t be influenced by ‘nay sayers.’ Work late, come in early, volunteer, and always have an attitude of cheerful helpfulness. Be patient, but always keep your goals on track. Stay focused and know that you are where you should be. People will notice!”

A CEO with a flair for furnishings

CSULA alumna Wheeler brings style to U-SU interior

Enjoying the ambience and decor of the new University-Student Union (U-SU)?

Thanks to the interior furnishing provided by CSULA alumna Elizabeth Wheeler and the PPG (Purchase Planners Group) team, students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors can comfortably relax, study, meet, hang out or attend events in the U-SU, which officially opened early this year.

L-r: Picture of Joseph Aguirre and Elizabeth Wheeler

In consultation with U-SU executive director Joseph Aguirre, Wheeler helped coordinate and supply lobby, seating and dining furniture for the meeting rooms and lounge areas as well as several office spaces throughout the 93,000-square-foot building.

Aguirre said, “Of course, a house is not a home without its furnishings, and PPG added life to the spaces by capturing the colors, textures and finishes and creating active spaces for students to lounge and study in. Staff offices were uniquely designed to empower employees to take on ownership due to the individuality of each office. Meeting rooms were created with function in mind and the boardroom table was organized to motivate a shared model of leadership. More importantly, PPG listened to the users and utilized fabrics and vinyls that were durable, sustainable and beautiful. The products boast a fun appeal.”

Picture of U-SU interior.

Wheeler is CEO of PPG, a Los Angeles-based commercial furniture dealership started by her husband, David. With more than a decade experience in furniture and interior design, Wheeler has outfitted offices with furniture for local businesses, government agencies, college campuses, and other entities.

Wheeler, who earned her bachelor’s degree in theatre arts at Cal State L.A., has also had a notable career as an actress, comedy-writer and comedian—with numerous appearances on television, movie and stage. In 1985, she received a “Best Comedy Writing” award from the L.A. Weekly. She also returned to Cal State L.A. to earn a multi-level teaching credential in order to become an elementary school teacher.

Wheeler recalls, “Cal State L.A. was the only school I applied to. It offered me an excellent education that was affordable and enriching that could fit in my schedule.”

A CSULA President’s Associate, Wheeler also serves on the CSULA Foundation Board.