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It’s a quencher!

Cal State L.A. bottled water wins three-way taste-test

There's a strong thirst on campus for Cal State L.A.'s own new brand of bottled water—and the University's product came out on top in a three-way taste-test against two prominent rivals.

Photo of CSULA marketing team members.

In a random survey of 117 water drinkers on campus, 45.3 percent ranked CSULA Eagle Spring water as the best tasting of the three, 29.9 percent ranked it as second-best and 24.8 percent ranked it as the least favorable.

According to the CSULA marketing student team conducting the challenge, the taste-testers said they would also rather purchase mountain spring water (41.9%) than purified or vitamin water—and, the source of Cal State L.A.'s bottled water is indeed mountain spring water.

With more than 92 percent surveyed in favor of Cal State L.A. selling its own line of water, the study states: “Even without knowing the difference in taste, students like the idea of having special school brand water to the point that most would buy it over other options given equal price, and overwhelming majority would if CSULA water was cheaper than the alternatives.”

The blind taste-test was conducted Nov. 3 on the University's Main Walkway in front of the JFK Memorial Library.

Team leader Esby Rosas, a business major out of John Marshall High School in Los Angeles, said, “Our primary objective was to see if there is a difference in choice amongst students regarding bottled-water selection. Our secondary objective was to raise awareness of the Cal State L.A. brand of water.”

Golden Eagle water bottle label.

The research team included (l-r in photo above) students Fiona Titchenell (an English major from Altadena), Rosa Camarillo (business, Los Angeles), Carlos Fragosa (business, Cudahy), Christopher Sepulveda (business, San Clemente), Rosas, and Franziska Dobler (physical education/marketing; Tubingen, Germany). Except for Dobler, who is a junior, the team's students are seniors at CSULA.

The study contributed to a project for Professor Richard Kao's marketing class.

The Cal State L.A. bottled-water concept was an idea of George Pardon, vice president of Administration and Finance. Hundreds of bottles were distributed to prospective students to promote Cal State L.A. at last year's EagleFest outreach event.

For a copy of the project report, contact Kao at (323) 343-2960 or [email protected].