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ASI’s new president—Joaquin Beltran

Political Science major takes the reins of Cal State L.A.’s student government

‘More than ever... working together’

Joaquin Beltran opened his term as ASI president with an inaugural speech. Here's an excerpt:

“We have been called out of this moment to make a difference, to take charge and create the changes that we need, that our friends need, that our families need and that our neighbors need. We all share the values of integrity, perseverance and service. This is our time to work together to ensure that the future has more opportunities than those of the present. We must build stronger relationships with the administration and...with other CSUs. We need to make our voices heard, showing those in office that we are aware, that we do care... We need each other more than ever, and only by working together can we make this world better for each other and for future generations.”

ASI President’s Inaugural Speech YouTube video

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Part II:

Pictured: (l-r) Joaquin Beltran and CSULA President James R. Rosser.
Pictured: (l-r) Associated Students, Inc. President Joaquin Beltran and CSULA President James M. Rosser at the ASI inauguration ceremony.

Joaquin Beltran, a political science junior, was recently elected president of the Associated Student, Inc. (ASI) at Cal State L.A. for the 2009-10 academic year.

According to Beltran, “This year we are faced with a number of challenges, including the biggest budget cut the CSU system has seen in a very long time. These cuts have led to increased fees, fewer classes, and reduced enrollment.”

ASI, he said, has planned programs around two overarching goals.

“The first is to advocate for the students and empower them to be effective not only on a local level, but also on a statewide level. This will be accomplished through the lobby corps we are forming on campus. I hope every student gets involved. The project will train students how to lobby state legislators, particularly to support the CSU.”

“The second goal,” Beltran said, “is to ensure that we create a vibrant campus environment, in which students are enjoying their college experience and are proud to be part of our great University.”

Beltran attended Don Bosco Tech High School in Rosemead. At Cal State L.A., he has been active in ASI as an academic senator and has volunteered as a mentor through the Junior Achievement organization and the Maravilla Foundation. For three months last fall, he moved to Las Vegas to serve as a grassroots organizer on the Obama campaign.

As for his career goals, Beltran said, “There’s a lot of social injustice in our society. I hope to serve in a position where I can give back to the community, be it as a professor or a senator, and to make sure the future is brighter for our children.”

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