Suzanne E Regan| Spotlight

‘Global Rivers’ documentary debuts in Beijing

  • Amazon River
  • Danube River
  • Ganges River
  • Mississippi River
  • Rio Grande River
    Rio Grande

Co-produced by CSULA’s Regan, film collaboration
shows how currents run through culture

Global Rivers, a documentary portraying the stories of five major world rivers—the Amazon, Danube, Ganges, Mississippi and Rio Grande—recently premiered at the 2008 biennial congress for CILECT, the International Association of Film and Television Schools, in Beijing, China.

Cal State L.A.’s Communication Studies Professor Suzanne E. Regan, one of three executive producers of this three-year international collaborative project, was in China for the film’s world premiere.

The project, filmed by a team of faculty and students from seven universities residing near the rivers featured, was inspired in part by the River Cultures-Ecological Future program of the United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organization. It was also the first time CILECT has funded a U.S. project.

According to Regan, “The Global Rivers Project is a collaboration of faculty and students from film and television programs from five continents. Our common theme is ‘Rivers/River Cultures.’ Our goal is to have the stories of the rivers told by people who live on these rivers and who are a part of the culture and community the rivers help produce.”

Professor Regan’s realm of expertise includes documentary history and production, film and television history, theory and criticism. She has served as editor of the Journal of Film and Video and was president of the University Film and Video Association.

A faculty member at Cal State L.A. since 1979, she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the Television, Film and Media Studies program.

Regan received her bachelor’s degree in literature from Simmons College, master’s degree in film-critical studies from UCLA and Ph.D. in mass media from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

“We are planning to include the Los Angeles River and Arroyo Seco in the next phase of the Global Rivers Project. Cal State L.A. students have been and will continue to have opportunities to be involved in the research and development of this essential and cautionary tale in our series of river stories.” – Suzanne Regan

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