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Fire Procedure

The following actions should be taken when the fire alarm sounds: Horn alarm with increase intensity tone will sound (horn "whoop" sound). 

  1. Make every effort to remain calm and encourage those around you to do likewise.
  2. Listen to the directions given through the Emergency Public Address System.
  3. Quickly secure materials and valuables, exit and secure office and classroom doors.
  4. When no smoke or fire is visible, walk in an orderly manner to the nearest emergency evacuation stairwell, but do not enter the stairwell until told to do so via the Emergency Public Address System as individuals may be trying to evacuate affected floors and need to be able to enter the stairwell quickly.
  5. When smoke or fire is visible, walk in an orderly manner to the nearest emergency stairwell. Evacuate the floor and proceed to a safe area, or exit the building. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS! The alarm system is designated to direct the elevators to the ground floor.

FIRE PROCEDURES : Persons with Mobility Difficulties

With the addition of the emergency PA system, Floor Wardens are no longer required, however, faculty and staff are to assume responsibility for assisting students in following the directions below.

For a Fire Drill, do not evacuate persons with mobility impairments !

In the event of an actual fire alarm, please follow procedure below:

Procedure for those who cannot physically descend stairs:

NO SMOKE - wait at the nearest safe stairwell exit. Report location of those with mobility impairments to emergency personnel immediately. Emergency personnel will immediately respond to assist.

SMOKE - Two employees to carry each person down to a safe area and/or on-coming responding emergency personnel.

Responding emergency personnel have the means to override the elevators to assist mobility impaired persons evacuate.