University Employers

The Student Employment Office mainly processes job opportunities for students without Federal Work-Study (FWS).
Jobs for students with FWS, a financial aid program that funds part-time jobs for students, are handled through the Center for Student Financial Aid and Scholarships.
However, all jobs are posted on Cal State LA Handshake, our online platform for recruiting and hiring students.

A new student employee can be hired at any time. However, certain timelines are recommended when you plan to have a student continue their employment through breaks or additional academic terms.
To avoid delays in processing, please submit ETFs and other applicable paperwork well before the recommended annual timeline.

Step 1:  Create a Handshake Employer Account
With a Cal State LA Handshake account, you can:
  • Post job openings for students with or without Federal Work-Study.
  • Receive applications, view automatic screening of applicants and notify candidates of their application status.
If you do not have an account, send notice from your department head of their approval by email to the Student Employment Office at [email protected]. We will email you an invitation with a link to set up your profile. Then, use our Handshake Campus Employer Registration guide to set up your account. 
If you already have an account, log in to
Step 2:  Post a Job
To post a job opening: 
Job requisitions and postings require approval before being made active.  Positions that are open to students with FWS are reviewed and approved by Financial Aid.
Step 3:  Select a candidate
  • Complete an Interview Record Form listing each candidate that you interview. Email the form to the Student Employment Office at [email protected].
  • Update the application status in Handshake by selecting, “Pending,” “Declined,” or “Hired.” Students will NOT receive emails with the application status. You will need to contact students marked “Hired” directly with hiring instructions.
  • Download all applications and email them to the Student Employment Office at [email protected]
Step 4:  Obtain Authorization to Work
To initate the hiring process for students without Federal Work-Study, email the following documents to the Student Employment Office at [email protected]:
  • Confirmation of Live Scan clearance, if your position is sensitive.  Fingerprinting and clearance is required before hiring.

    If the student assistant position works with minors (under age 18) on a regular basis and/or has access to level 1 data, they will be asked to complete a LiveScan (fingerprinting process) before they receive a work authorization.  Supervisors should direct their student employee candidates to contact the Student Employment Office at [email protected] to schedule an appointment. 

    The LiveScan appointment will be conducted at the University Public Safety Office which is listed as building 47 on the campus map. To help prepare students for their appointment, detailed instructions will be provided to them in an appointment confirmation email and there is no cost for Cal State LA student employees.

  • Completed and signed Employee Transaction Form (ETF)
  • Offer letter (for 1150 classification)
For students with work-study, contact the Center for Student Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Before a student begins work, they must attend virtual I-9 verification and hiring appointments.  Virtual I-9 clearance and hiring appointments for students without Federal Work-Study are conducted by the Student Employment Office.

Student employees cannot begin work without receiving an Authorization to Work.

Virtual I-9 Verification Appointment

Due to precautions being implemented to maintain social distancing during COVID-19, the I-9 clearance will be conducted virutally.  Once normal business operations resume, student employess must present, in person, acceptable I-9 supporting documents within three business days in order to maintain employment.

Students must present the following documents during the virtual I-9 verification appointment:

  • Original I-9 supporting documents (e.g. Social Security card and picture ID, or U.S. passport)
Students with Employment Authorization Document (EAD)
Students with an EAD must first contact Jorge Cardenas in Human Resources to obtain I-9 clearance.  
International Students
  • Students with an F-1 visa must first contact an International Student Advisor to obtain:
    • On-Campus Employment Verification Form
    • Supporting Letter to apply for a Social Security Number
  • Students must bring the Supporting Letter to a local Social Security Administration (SSA) office to apply for a Social Security Number (SSN) and obtain a receipt. 
  • Students must present the completed On-Campus Employment Verification form, SSA receipt, foreign passport, I-20 and I-94 to Jorge Cardenas in Human Resources to obtain I-9 clearance.  
Virtual Hiring Appointment

Students must complete the following documents during the virtual hiring appointment:

  • Student Payroll Action Request (SPAR)
  • Student Employment Personal Data
  • Social Security Administration Statement Concerning Employment in Job not covered by Social Security (SSA-1945)
  • Academic Student Employee Union Deduction Authorization Form (UAW Local 4123) (for 1150 classification)
NOTE:  Interational Students must also provide the SSN receipt.  Once a SSN is received, international student assistants must immediately present their SSN to the Student Employment Office for payroll purposes.  To schedule an appointment, students must email the Student Employment Office at [email protected].
Authorization to Begin Work
A student employee can begin work once the Student Employment Office provides you with an Authorization to Work form.

Supervisors are responsible for preparing students for their jobs by reviewing job duties and responsibilities, ensuring that they take required training and informing them of office and university policies and procedures. To ensure that you are prepared for a job with the University, your supervisor should:
  1. Give your student employee a copy of the Student Employee Handbook and review it with them
  2. Review the Student Orientation Checklist with your student employee
  3. Review the Supervisor’s Safety Orientation Checklist (General) or (Laboratories) provided by the Environmental Health and Safety Office with your student employee
    • Print the student employee’s name & CIN on the form, complete & sign
    • Email to the Student Employment Office and/or Financial Aid, depending upon position classification
  4. Review the Appropriate Use Agreement for Student Assistants (ITS-2803) provided by Information Technology Services
    • Retain a signed copy for the department’s records
    • Print the student employee’s name & CIN on the form, complete & sign
    • Submit to the Student Employment Office and/or Financial Aid, depending upon position classification
    • Please note that this is a mandatory document for all student employees
  5. Ensure that your student employee completes the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) training online. FERPA protects the privacy of student records maintained by Cal State LA. As a student employee, you may have access to confidential student records and are obligated to protect the privacy of those records. Please note that this is a mandatory document for all student employees
  6. Ensure that your student employee completes the Campus Security Authority training provided by the Department of Public Safety
  7. Activate student employee/faculty/staff e-mail account online at myCalStateLA IDStudent employees should use their employee e-mail account when conducting University business.
  8. Ensure that you provide any training that is required for your position

A Student Employee Performance Appraisal is completed annually and can be conducted six months after the employee’s start date.  The timeline to complete the annual performance appraisal is December 1.
In deciding whether a salary increase is appropriate, supervisors may consider whether the student employee has:
  • Shown increased understanding and ability to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position;
  • Exhibited cooperation and established good working relationships with others;
  • Performed the duties of the job in such a manner as to meet the requirements of work quantity and quality; and
  • Demonstrated responsibility in being punctual and dependable; as well as,
  • Length of service; and
  • Assignment of additional or higher level responsibilities
Salary increases are not mandatory and are granted at the discretion of the employer.

A separation form must be submitted any time a student assistant is no longer employed with the University.  This includes separations due to  employment discharges, student employee resignations, and terminations in enrollment at the University with the primary goal of achieving a degree.
Email the following forms to the student employment office at [email protected]:
Email to payroll:
  • A copy of the completed and signed Student Employee Separation form.
When a student assistant is discharged or resigns from their position, they must be paid during the timeframe specified below:
  • Involuntary Discharge:  A student employee who is discharged must be paid earned wages immediately.
  • Voluntary Resignation:  A student employee who resigns must be paid earn wages no later than 72 hours from the date of separation. However, the student employee is entitled to earn wages at the time of separation if the student employee provides the employer at least 72 hours notice of his/her impeding separation.

For more information about the hiring process, including specific job classifications, benefits and salary policy, read the University Employer’s Guide to Student Employment.
Our Virtual Orientation for University Employers contains other vital information about student employment, including Federal Work-Study guidelines.