OCI Recruitment

On-Campus Interview Program
The On-Campus Interview (OCI) Program is offered as a cost-effective means for employers to select and interview Cal State LA seniors, graduate students and alumni.  This service is free of charge and available to employers who offer full-time, entry level opportunities that are paid on a salary basis and require an undergraduate or graduate degree
The Career Center advertises your job listings, provides online tools to help you receive résumés and schedule interviews, and offers on-campus facilities for conducting interviews.  All job descriptions, résumé submissions, and interview schedules are posted and managed through our online service, Handshake, which can be accessed 24/7 from any computer with an internet connection.  On-campus interviews are available year round, and may be conducted in one of the Career Center’s interview rooms or at your company.
How to request a schedule
  1. Log in to Handshake.
  2. Select "Request an Interview" from the home page.
  3. Select "California State University - Los Angeles" as the school you would like to interview at.
  4. Enter in the basic information and then click "Next"
  5. Select the date you are interested in interviewing on campus. You also have the option to list an alternate date, in case the first date is not available.
  6. Enter how many rooms you would like to reserve and then click "Add Date."
  7. Choose desired "Schedule Type."
    • Room Only - This type is for room reservation only - job postings, OCI schedules, or recruitment is not provided. For more information about using our office space for connecting with job and internship candidates, please contact Zeidy Cabrera, Employer Relations Coordinator.
    • Open - This is a basic type for posting a job and interview screening requirements. Students matching your screening requirements will be able to submit a résumé and schedule an interview.
    • Preselect - This type allows you to pre-set a workflow for applicant résumé submission, employer review, employer invite, and applicant sign up. Students matching your screening requirements will be able to submit a résumé. See additional steps on how to select candidates below. 
  8. Select the time slots you would like to interview students in and then click "Next."
  9. Choose or create the job you would like to attach to this interview schedule. If you are not ready to post a position you can click "Remind me Later." This option will send you an email four days before the Apply Start Date reminding you to post and attach a position to the schedule.
  10. Select "Review" to confirm your entries.
  11. Select "Request" to send your interview schedule to Cal State LA. Your request will go into a pending status and we will notify you when your schedules has been approved or declined.
How to select candidates using "Preselect" -
  1. Take note of your selected timline to review and accept candidates. Typically the time frame from when a résumé request period ends to when a résumé is accepted for interview scheduling is one week. 
  2. Review candidate résumés.
  3. Once the résumé submission period has ended, accept candidates of interest.
  4. Note that candidates must schedule an interview time slot through the Cal State LA Handshake by the sign up close date.
For Open or Room Reservation, candidates sign up for an interview time slot on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Additional notes -
  • Preselect to Alternate - If you have two open time slots and four alternates, candidates must sign up on a first-come, first-served basis. In other words, you can not rank alternates.
  • Preselect to Alternate to Open - If you are scheduling your OCI requests less than three weeks prior to to your interview period, this option may take a significant amount of time from the résumé submission period because the scheduling period takes several days longer. 
  • The preselect type requires a time frame. It is recommended that you allow at least two weeks for candidates to apply. You will then have about a week to review and invite appropriate candidates to schedule an interview time slot. Candidates must schedule their interview time slot during your pre-set sign up period.
If you have questions about on-campus interviews, contact Zeidy Cabrera, Employer Relations Coordinator, at [email protected].
The University is committed to nondiscrimination and non-harassment in accordance with federal, state, and CSU policy. For more information and assistance contact the Office for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.