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Focus 2 allows you to take assessments to get a clearer idea about what career path you might want to take. It also allows users to create career, academic, and personal development summaries, explore careers based on assessment results, create career and educational plans, and maintain a portfolio based on explored careers.
How to Register
  1. Use the following link, only. Focus 2
  2. Click "Register" underneath the login boxes
  3. Fill out all the information
  4. "Access Code": EAGLESLA
  5. Click "Continue" when done
Using Focus 2
Focus 2 provides seven sections for career preparation that include: My Career Planning Readiness, My academic Strengths, Self Assessment, Explore the Possibilities, Take Actionm Career and Education Planning, and Recommended Tools and Websites.
Unsure Where to Start?
If you're unsure where to begin, "My Career Planning Readiness" is a great way to learn where career planning improvements are needed. This section provides immediate feedback as to how actively involved you are in self-assessing and career exploration and how satisfied you are with your overall career planning.
Depending on the results from "My Career Planning Readiness", you may want to complete the "My Academic Strengths" section - which will help you create a list of your academic strengths and weaknesses - or move on to the Self Assessment section.
Ready to Know a Bit More About Yourself?
The Self Assessment section tests for your work interests, personality type, skills set, primary values, and personal interests in order to provide you with possible career paths. After taking multiple assessments, you may "see your top career choices" by Combining Assessments. This will allow you to view the careers that appear in two or more assessment results. Therefore, completing all five self-assessments will provide the clearest idea as to which career path(s) may be the most suitable.
Already Know Which Careers You're Interested In?
If you have a general idea about the careers you are interested in, the Explore the Possibilities Section let's you browse or search for jobs by name or major and explore an area of study or a particular "job family." It will also allow you to compare two jobs side-by-side and save them to your career portfolio.
Need to Lay Out Your Career Plan?
The Take Action section takes you through a series of questions that ultimately results in an overview of your past experiences and how you have and will prepare yourself for the career in which you are interested. It may be included in your "Portfolio" and should be updated as needed.
For Summaries and Helpful References...
The Career Portfolio saves items you're interested in, including majors and careers, so that you may rate them and add comments. You may also review and print a customized version of the portfolio by selecting only the items you want shown.
Recommended Tools and Websites provides additional resources which include those listed on the CareerExpress page.
For additional help, Focus 2 has also provided a PowerPoint to help users get started.