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Hikari Painting by Ivan Sandoval
Hikari by Ivan Sandoval          Painting by permission of artist


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Curriculog Training Session

A. Training Webinars (20 – 45 minutes each) 

  • UGS offers trainings via zoom to cover 14 topics. 
  • Each session covers 1 or 2 topics, and is independent.
  • Training schedule is posted on Curriculog, under Upcoming Events below My Dashboard.
  • Follow the direction on the posts to sign up.  


B.  Private Group Training

  • Each "private" session is 45 minutes.
  • The group needs to facilitate a room (or via zoom) to meet.
  • Everyone in the group has to bring a laptop, and preferably a real proposal to work on.
  • Contact your college ASC to book an appointment.


A&L Leticia Ramirez 3-4004
B&E Lyssa De Pompa 3-5256
CCOE Erica Bautista 3-4305
ECST Tricia Trejo 3-4510
HHS Claudia Rivas 3-4602
NSS/ES Amy Miller 3-2005

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