Academic Advisors

College Location Telephone #


Arts and Letters

MUS 209 323-343-4015 [email protected]
Business and Economis SH 256B 323-343-2810 N/A
Charter College of Education KH D2078 323-343-4320 [email protected]
Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology E&T A125 323-343-4574 [email protected]
Health and Human Services FA 235 323-343-5500 N/A
Natural and Social Sciences KH D1044 323-343-5284

[email protected]

University Academic Advisement Center LIB PW 1040A


[email protected]
Educational Opportunities Program SA 215 323-343-4367 N/A
Honors College KH D145 323-343-5969 [email protected]