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Studio 200The program's production facilities include digital 3-camera studio/ control room; dedicated 3-camera news production studio/control room; state of the art post-production facilities with over 50 Mac Pro workstations; individual edit suites; post-production lab; screening room; audio/ADR recording booths; 10 by 20 foot digital compositing green screens; digital field production equipment (RedONE 4K camera, 14 Sony HD camcorders, 10 Panasonic DV camcorders, 2 JVC HDV camcorders, lighting, and audio field recording kits); motion picture production equipment (Over 30 motion picture cameras including: 24 Arri 16-S cameras, 5 Arri SR-II Super 16 sync sound cameras, control Room #22 Aaton Super 16 cameras, camera support equipment including Steadicam, Jony Jib, O'Connor tripods/heads, Chapman-Leonard dolly and tracks, Mole-Richardson and KinoFlo lighting equipment, and dual system Tascam, Marantz, and Nagra analog and digital sound recording equipment); animation lab (cel animation drawing tables, traditional and digital 2-D and 3-D animation production workstations, stop motion capture systems).

Edit Suite #8
Film/Digital/Audio/Animation production workflow software titles include FinalCut Studio (FinalCut 7, DVD Studio Pro, Motion, Soundtrack), AfterEffects, ProTools, Logic, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Shockwave, Maya, Reason, ToonBoom, EP Budgeting & Scheduling, Final Draft, and others.

Edit Lab 1
Content distribution venues include quarterly film/digital screenings, dedicated building monitors, outdoor screening system, the annual Golden Eagle Film Festival and web/podcasting delivery.



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