What CSI Can Offer Student Organizations

Student Organization Office Space

Recognized student organizations are eligible to apply for an office space in the University-Student Union.  These shared office spaces provide your club or student organization with an opportunity to conduct organizational business in a centrally-located area shared with other student groups.   Offices are open to currently recognized organizations on an application basis.  For more information on eligibility requirements and how your organization can apply, please contact CSI.

Photocopies per Semester

Recognized student organizations are allotted 150 black and white photocopies per semester free of charge through the Center for Student Involvement front desk.  Recognized officers can visit CSI to submit the hard copy to be duplicated copy and complete a request form, which can take up to two business days to complete.  All copies are made on white paper, unless the student organization provides its own color paper.  Copies are made for currently recognized organizations only and do not roll over from semester to semester.  For more information on how your organization can make use of this benefit please contact CSI at 323-343-5110.

Student Organization Mailbox

Recognized student organizations can request a mailbox for their organization to receive mail on the Student Organization Officer Information Form.  Mailboxes are located in the Student Organization Offices, University-Student Union Room 201.  

The following procedures outline appropriate methods of receiving mail. CSI allows recognized student organizations to receive mail as along as the responsible party follows the proper guidelines. Any breach of these procedures may result in returning the mail to the sender and/or loss of the privilege to receive mail. Enforcement of these procedures is at the discretion of CSI. This service is not intended for individuals but for student organizations only.

Procedures and Guidelines

  • Terms of Eligibility: To be eligible for a student organization mailbox, organizations must be recognized as ‘in good standing’ with CSI. If this recognition dissolves during your use of a mailbox, your organization shall also lose use of the mailbox.
  • Contact Information: The student organization acknowledges that the name, campus or local address, telephone number and e-mail address of their president and advisor are current as found on the organization’s annually-submitted Student Organization Officer Information Form (OIF). Furthermore, if the advisor may change during the course of the year, then this information must be updated utilizing the OIF. Student organization presidents listed on the OIF will serve as the primary contact. In order to receive mail, student organizations must sign up for a mailbox through the OIF. Mail should be addressed to:
Student Organization Name
University-Student Union
California State University, Los Angeles
5154 State University Drive, Room 204
Los Angeles, California 90032
  • Mailboxes must be used to receive business correspondence only. Storing valuable information or items is not permissible. The University, the University-Student Union and CSI shall not be held responsible for any loss or theft of property from a mailbox.
  • Mail will be distributed Monday through Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm in University-Student Union, Room 201.
  • A club or organization member must be responsible for picking up incoming mail weekly. Failure to collect mail can result in losing mailbox privileges.
  • At the conclusion of each semester, all mailboxes will be cleaned and any remaining mail will be returned to its original sender or shredded. 

Leadership Library

The Center for Student Involvement maintains a Leadership Library where information is available on retreat planning, team builders, enhancing communication skills, officer transitions, and tips for running a successful meeting.  All recognized student organization members may access the information either within the Center or at their leisure through the book/video loan programs.  The Center staff continually adds new books and DVDs to the library to address additional organization topics and interests.  For resources aimed at developing your organization please visit the Leadership Library in the Center soon!

Student Organization Development Workshops and Retreat Planning Assistance

The staff at CSI can work with your organization to customize a fun and interactive workshop for the benefit of your organization members.  Workshops are also available in the evening or on the weekends for your group’s needs (based on the facilitator's availability).  For more information on leadership strategies that will keep organization members motivated and committed to the group, come in and request a CSI staff facilitated retreat or attend any scheduled workshop offered throughout the year.  Workshop topics include:

  • Assess your student organizations’ effectiveness
  • Recruiting and retaining members
  • Team work and motivation
  • Event planning
  • Effective communication
  • How to run effective meetings
  • Fundraising tips and strategies
  • Wellness and stress management
  • Conflict Management
  • How to plan retreats
  • How to award and recognize members

These workshops will provide leaders with the tools to tackle new challenges, create successful events, and build strong relationships within the organization.  CSI is also available to assist student organizations with designing retreats for members.  If your organization is looking to orient new members, enhance recruitment efforts, develop positive group dynamics, or just plan a fun and effective retreat, stop by the Center for assistance.  The staff is available to assist to the degree that your organization desires (from suggesting activities to presenting sessions at the retreat).  Call 323-343-5110 to set-up an appointment.