Student Organization Funding through Associated Students, Inc.

Student organizations recognized by the University receive various forms of support from the Associated Students, Incorporated (A.S.I.).  A major portion of the annual A.S.I. budget is allocated to student organizations, school councils, and cultural programs sponsored by student groups.  A.S.I. assists organizations by funding programs benefiting the entire student population. Requests for funding can take up to three weeks to process, and A.S.I.  does not fund events that have already happened. Requests for funding may be submitted as early as a quarter before the event. Keep in mind that funding requests should be submitted at least three weeks prior to the event. All receipts and the event report must be returned to A.S.I. within three weeks after the event date.

Prior to the request for funding, an officer of your organization (listed on the Student Organization Officer Information Form) must attend an A.S.I. organization funding workshop. These workshops are held at least once a quarter and the entire process of funding (from request to check) is covered in detail. After an officer of your organization has attended the funding workshop, requesting funding is a three (3) step process.

  1. Review the A.S.I. Funding Policy 204: and review the A.S.I. Direct Funding Allocation Guideline:
  2. Develop the program by determining what your organization would like to do and what resources will be used. (Who will staff the event? What types of publicity will be used? Will there be food? Will you hire a performer? Etc.)
  3. Prepare for the event. If you will be requesting money for food, you will need to submit an estimate from the caterer or vendor detailing the full costs of food and beverages. Be aware that it is customary for caterers to charge tax and gratuity and A.S.I.  will not adjust your funding once awarded.
  4. Submit the request for funding. A representative from your organization must attend the Finance Committee meeting during which your request is being heard. It is also an opportunity for the committee to address any concerns that they may have about the request. Questions most often raised involve turnout, the number of Cal State L.A. students involved, etc. If the amount requested for the event is above $1,000, your request must be reviewed by the Finance Committee and then forwarded to the Board of Directors. If the event is less than $1,000 the Finance Committee can make a decision at their regular meeting.   

This information is a portion of the complete policy on Student Organization Funding. For more information or a copy of the entire policy, please see section 7 or contact the A.S.I. Vice President for Finance at [email protected] (323) 343-4778.