Orientation Leaders


Summer 2018 Orientation Leaders group shot
Orientation Leaders (OL) are amazing student leaders who help make your orientation experience what it is! The OLs are excited to welcome you to Cal State LA, and are dedicated to making your orientation one of the best days possible. The morning of your orientation day, you will be introduced to the entire Orientation Leader team, as well as get a chance to meet your personal OL who will be working with you and your small group throughout the day. OLs are students here, just like you, so be sure to ask them all your questions!

Interested in joining the OL team?

The Orientation Leader position at Cal State LA is a paid student assistant position. We invite students from all years (freshman, second year, etc.), all majors, undergrad and graduate, and all identities and backgrounds to learn more about and apply to join the OL team!
Current Cal State LA students interested in joining the OL team must turn in an application during the fall semester, attend training during the spring semester (if selected), and be available to participate in ALL of the Orientation sessions during the summer.
Instructions to Apply:
  1. Log onto Handshake and create a profile.
  2. Find the Orientation Leader job listing.
  3. Click "apply externally."
  4. Upload the Career Developmenet Center application ONLY.
  5. Click "apply externally"again so it will be sent to our department (New Student and Parent Programs)
  6. Then, submit your supplemental application and letter of recommendation to the New Student and Parent Programs office, Student Affairs Building, room 106. You may also email the supplemental application and letter of recommendatoin to orientation@calstatela.edu
The application deadline for new Orientation Leaders is: November 16, 2018
Check out this slideshow of our 2018 Orientation Leader Team!
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Melissa Venegas
Orientation Leader Coordinator

Hi! My name is Melissa Venegas. I am going to be a 5th year here at Cal State LA, and my major is nursing. I enjoy hiking, going to the beach, traveling, hanging out with my family and friends, and sports, especially basketball. I love to meet new people and try new things. This is going to be my 4th year participating in the Golden Eagle Orientation Program. My advice to the incoming students is GET INVOLVED! My journey here at Cal State LA would not be what it is today if I did not get involved. For this very reason, I encourage everyone to get involved because you never know who you are going to meet or what you are going to learn.

Arlyssa Warner
Orientation Leader Coordinator

Hi everyone, my name is Arlyssa Warner and I am a senior Communication Studies major. My hobbies include: cooking, dancing, volleyball, gardening, rock climbing and recently gymnastics. I  consider myself as an adventure enthusiasts because of my craving for new experiences. I have been working with the New Student and Parent Programs department for two years now and the advice I would love to give everyone is: BE OPEN MINDED!  Whether it’s work, school or fun you’ll never experience the magical side of life playing it safe in a box. Take a leap of faith to color outside the lines until you find your voice! Peace and Blessings : )

Kim Belloso
Genius Squad Leader/Rep

Hi everyone! my name is Kim and I am a second year Psychology major with a minor in Criminal Justice. I am very excited to be working with everyone this year to help you make your orientation experience magical! Orientation is a wonderful experience to know all of our campus resources and meet new friends. Enjoy every single opportunity!

David Burrill
Developer Squad Leader/Rep

My name is David. I'm going to be a 5th year Sociology major with a minor in Rehabilitation Services. My hobbies include: binge watching Netflix originals, hanging with friends, exploring LA and trying new things. I'm a very social person and love making new friends. My advice to you would be to WORK HARD and PLAY HARDER. Focus on finishing your college career with flying colors, but don't miss out on all the amazing events and organizations we have on campus. They help make college more enjoyable. Also take advantage of all the great resources we have here. Soar on Eagles!

Grace Flores
Spirit Squad Leader/Rep
Candy Noriega
TOP Squad Leader/Rep

Hello all! My name is Candy Noriega. I am a 5th year Criminal Justice and Sociology major, with a Psychology minor. My hobbies include reading, writing poetry, volunteering, traveling, singing, and playing my violin. I LOVE Cal State LA to the point where most of my friends have stated there should eventually be a statue of me somewhere on campus, ha! I cannot stress enough about being involved, you get to meet so many new different people and their personalities. I've been in the student government on campus for 2 years now, I have volunteered for various campus events as well as sat on various university-wide committees. I have learned so many lessons and made so many connections, which I would have never obtained just going to class and then going home. My advice for both incoming freshman and transfers is to get out of your comfort zone, I know that is easier said than done especially when you're horribly shy like myself. And yes, I said I am a shy person which is true, I get scared and anxious when even the smallest things bring attention towards myself, but I learned to still do what I love and am curious about and you can too. Enjoy every opportunity that comes at you, and see everything as a learning experience.