Hello Golden Eagle Parents/Guardians/Family Support Members!


The schedule for the Parent-Student Orientation is posted below. Parents and students will check in together to begin the day. Then, the students will break away after the campus tour and follow a schedule designed especially for them. As their family support, you will be have your own separate schedule of events designed especially for you. Both sessions take place simultaneously, and the major rooms are located near each other, so you won't be too far from your student. The students may be moving around campus to various locations though, so we do recommend that cell phones are fully charged and left on in the vibrate mode, in case you need to contact one another during the day.

Parent Orientation will be available in English and Spanish. Please note that the agenda below is subject to change.

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Rev. 4/11/17 

8:00 am          Program Check-In

Golden Eagle, 3rd Floor Patio

8:30 am          Welcome

Golden Eagle, 3rd Floor, Ballrooms 1-2

  • Cheerleaders & Mascot
  • University Welcome
  • OL Introductions

9:00 am          Campus Tour                                        

10:10 am        Tour Ends; Students and Family Support Members Split Up

10:20 am        Campus Services Presentations Part 1

University-Student Union/Golden Eagle Ballroom #3

  • Financial Aid
  • Student Financial Services

11:05 am        Break (10 min)

11:15 am        Campus Services Presentations Part 2

  • Public Safety
  • Student Health Center
  • Housing

12:15 pm        Lunch

1:15 pm          Family Support Networking

1:30 pm          Student Life and Campus Involvement

  • Center for Student Involvement
  • Cross Cultural Centers
  • Associated Student, Incorporated
  • Athletics

2:50 pm           Supporting Your Student

  • Dean of Students Office

3:15 pm           Parent Academy Presentation and Parent Alumni Panel (25 min)

3:35 pm           Orientation Ends

*Students may continue receiving registration assistance until 4 pm.

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