Frequently Asked Questions

This COVID-19 thing is everywhere. How will that impact Orientation?

As a result of the COVID-19 public health situation and in accordance with city and state social distancing guidelines, Golden Eagle Orientation will be completely remote. This means that instead of meeting in person, students will participate in a series on online sessions to prepare them to enter in the upcoming semester. These sessions will include class registration training and academic advisement and registration, as well as community building and networking. We appreciate your patience as we continue to navigate this evolving situation.

Do I have to attend Orientation?

Yes. Golden Eagle Remote Orientation and Academic Advisement are mandatory for all new freshmen and transfer students and returning students.

But I'm a returning student (not a transfer or a freshman). Do I still have to attend Orientation?

Yes. If you were required to reapply to the University, then you will be required to participate in Remote Orientation. Keep in mind that while the campus may not be completely new to you, there are some things that may have changed since you were last enrolled, including resource information, office locations and the quarter to semester conversion.

How/when do I sign up for Orientation?

Conditionally admitted students who have cleared the Enrollment Confirmation Deposit (ECD) will receive an email with instructions on how to sign up for one of the Golden Eagle Remote Orientation sessions.

I paid the Enrollment Confirmation Deposit, but I still haven't received an email about Orientation. Why is that?

If you've cleared the ECD, and you still haven't received an email regarding Orientation, it may depend on when your ECD clearance was posted to your student account. It can take up to a week for ECD clearances to fully process, and the invitation emails generally go out once a week on Friday mornings. For instance, if you pay the ECD on a Thursday, you may not receive the Orientation email until the following Friday. We do appreciate your patience during this process. If you paid the ECD and more than a week has passed, please contact our office and we can further assist you.

When is the deadline to sign up for Orientation?

The deadline to sign up for Remote Orientation is November 20, 2020. As a reminder, there is no fee to participate in Remote Orientation.

How will I know what classes are available?

Access GET via your Student Portal, and search for classes under your desired academic term (for example, spring semester 2021). Additionally, you can learn about specific courses you should be taking during your group advisement session with your college's academic and/or department advisors. Additional advisement information can be found in the Online Pre-Orientation, which is also mandatory.

Will I receive individual help to select my classes?

Individual academic counseling/advising is not available. Advising/counseling will take place in a small group setting and in a virtual environment. Be sure to complete the Online Pre-Orientation, and take advantage of the resources found in your Student Portal. Bring any questions about classes you have with you, in order to get the most out of your group advisement appointment.

What if I need to change my major?

You will not be able to change your major before you participate in Remote Orientation. This means you will need to attend the Orientation session that corresponds to the major you selected when you applied to Cal State LA. For more details, please see the "Freshmen" or "Transfers" tab located on the top left of this page.

How much does it cost to attend Orientation?

There will be no fee to complete the Online Pre-Orientation, or to participate in Remote Orientation and academic advising.

Will Financial Aid cover my Orientation fee or ID card?

Financial Aid does not cover the Golden Eagle One Card (school ID) fee. There will not be a cost to participate in Remote Orientation this summer.

May I have a guest with me?

We will not be hosting in-person Orientation sessions for students or for parents and family support members. While you may choose to allow a parent or family support member to "sit in" on the Remote Orientation, they will not be able to participate.

Parents and family support members interested in learning more about your new college journey can complete the Online Pre-Orientation. You can provide them with the link once you have selected your Remote Orientation date. They can also check the Parent and Family Support Orientation tab on the left for additional information.

How long is Orientation?

Orientation will have multiple online components. There is the Online Pre-Orientation, which should take you about 90 minutes to complete.

Next, there will be your Remote Orientation session, which will last approx. two hours.

Finally, you will meet with an academic advisor in a small group to receive information about which classes to select, and you will register for the fall semester. This will take between 60-90 minutes.

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