Grad 2025 Event Funding Application

The Graduation Initiative 2025 Student Organization Funding, provides monetary support for up to $1,000 per semester for programs and events that promote timely graduation, retention, student engagement, and well-being.
Funding application requirements:
  1. Event must be open to all Cal State LA students
  2. Activity must occur on campus
  3. Event must be registered with the Center for Student Involvement
  4. Organizers must communicate actively with the Center for Student Involvement and Cross Cultural Centers staff (as requested)
  5. Event must be drug and alcohol free
  6. Event must support the goals outlined in the CSU Graduation Initiative 2025
  7. Publicity must include information regarding the CSU Graduation 2025 Initiative
  8. Upon the conclusion of the event, attendance numbers and assessment results must be provided
Describe all of the event categories that your organization is requesting funding for (e.g. speaker fees, food and refreshments, venue and equipment fees, promotional items, etc.) Please bullet point each category.
Co-sponsorships will not affect your eligibility for funding.
Co-sponsorships will not affect your eligibility for funding. If applicable, please describe how this request will enhance that funding pool.
As a result of people attending this event, what does your organization hope people will learn? Additional training can be provided for learning outcomes.
How does your organization plan to measure its outcomes and collect this information? Additional training on assessment methods can be provided.