Grad 2025 Event Funding

Grad 2025 Event Funding is a program that the Division of Student Life has launched in support of the Graduation Initiative 2025.

This new program offers up to $1,000 to student organizations with proposals for events that promote a timely graduation, retention, engagement and wellbeing among Cal State LA students.

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. To be eligible, student orgs must be registered with the Center for Student Involvement (CSI).

An approval committee will review applications, giving priority to new and innovative programs that directly address the goals of the Graduation Initiative 2025.

Grad 2025 Event Funding Application


  1. Event must be open to all Cal State LA students.
  2. Activity must occur on campus.
  3. Event must be registered with the Center for Student Involvement.
  4. Organizers must actively communicate with the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) and Cross Cultural Centers (CCC) staff (as requested).
  5. Event must be drug and alcohol free.
  6. Event must support the goals outlined in the CSU Graduation 2025 Initiative.
  7. Publicity must include information regarding the Graduation Initiative 2025.
  8. Upon the conclusion of the event, attendance numbers and assessment results must be provided.


  1. Submit proposals to the CCC or CSI at least four weeks before the event.
  2. An approval committee will review applications.
  3. Student orgs that receive funding will have an advisor from CSI or the CCC.
  4. Funds will be distributed to the student organization’s account (when possible) after they complete a reimbursement form with a CSI or CCC staff member and provide all itemized receipts.
  5. If receipts and other supporting documentation are not received in a timely or appropriate manner, student organization status will be suspended and reimbursement may not occur.
  6. As a co-sponsor for the event, the Division Student Life will assist with event advertising via social media.