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The Student Health Center's health educators are available to present guest lectures related to a number of health issues, including: domestic and sexual violence; sexual health and sexuality; stress management and sleep; bystander intervention; and other issues. Guest lectures are only available to the Cal State LA campus community.

Please see below for descriptions of our current lecture offerings. If you wish to schedule a presentation, complete the presentation request form below.

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General Health Topics

Quick Facts on Health is our most popular guest lecture. It is ideal for Introduction to Higher Education courses. The presentation provides realistic tips that assist students in choosing, achieving, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The lecture covers alcohol and other substance use, nutrition and fitness, healthy relationships and relationship violence, safer sex, sleep habits, stress management, and Student Health Center services.

Out of Time – Time Management 101: Are you stressed? Do you feel like you have no time? College students can be notoriously stressed out individuals. One way to try and curb that stress is through time management. This workshop will not only teach you how stress can affect health, but it will also supply you with creative time and stress management techniques to help you succeed this semester.

Bystander Intervention is an interactive presentation that empowers students with the skills to safely intervene when a friend, family member, or peer is in a situation where their health could be at risk.  Bystander intervention can help prevent sexual assault, hazing, suicide, relationship violence, and the consequences of alcohol intoxication. This presentation includes role-playing scenarios which enable students to practice the skills they have learned.

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Contraceptive Connection provides students with medically accurate information on hormonal and non-hormonal contraceptive methods. Students will also learn about the different types of contraceptives, proper use, pros and cons, and special considerations.

Safe Sex 101 arms students with the knowledge they need to protect their reproductive health. Topics include types of sexually transmitted infections, how they are transmitted, common signs and symptoms of an infection, how they are treated, and how they can be prevented. Students will also learn about the long-term impact contracting a STI can have on their lives and have the opportunity to ask anonymous questions.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

Cannabis:  It’s legal in California, so let’s talk cannabis! There’s a lot to consider before you decide to use, if you’re of legal age. Join us in discussing the various forms of cannabis, the potential effects on your health and its impact on your college experience.

Mental Health

Stress Less For Success: Is stress interfering with your ability to concentrate in school? College can be a tough time and stress can take a toll on your grades, relationships, and overall mental health. In this interactive workshop you will learn about the connection between stress and health, how to identify your stressors, and methods for coping with stress in a healthy way. Join us for a primer on stress management.

Depression: We hear about it all the time, but what exactly is depression? It’s the second most common mental health issue affecting college students, so let’s decrease the stigma by really discussing depression. This presentation will cover signs and symptoms, who is affected, and how we can get help or help our friends.

Nutrition and Fitness

Eat Right, Feel Good: This workshop focuses on the basics of healthy eating for college students. Topics include healthy eating guidelines, caloric requirements, portion control, and smart snacking. Student will learn strategies for making healthier eating choices on campus.

Relationships and Sexual Violence

Control: Healthy relationships are founded on respect. Abusive relationships are built on foundations of control. Join us for this interactive exploration of healthy, unhealthy and abusive relationships. We'll examine relationship characteristics, campus policies and the law, and how and where to obtain help.

Sex, Consent, and You: What is affirmative consent? Is it rape if someone says "no" after sex has begun? Can a person who is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs give legal consent for sex? Does "no" ever mean "yes"? Join us for this interactive exploration of consent and what it takes to avoid sexual misconduct and violence.

Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence is an interactive presentation that explores issues related to dating and domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking – definitions, warning signs, consent, risk reduction, bystander intervention, perpetrator accountability, evidence preservation, and victims’ rights and support services.



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