Making a Statement

What is Statement?

Temporary imageAt its most basic level, Statement Magazine is a decades-old award-winning institution here at CalState L.A. that gathers and publishes students' creative works, which include poems, fictional short stories, creative nonfiction, artwork and photography. However, it is our philosophy that CalState L.A. is not just a commuter school for students to earn a degree. Rather, our university thrives as a central hub for diverse populations and personalities to interweave and grow together; we form communities with our lives and networks with our minds.


Temporary imageThe phrase "A creative and critical expression" has been used to describe the magazine. Creative because this work is our work; it is a living, breathing embodiment of CSULA's artistry and articulation. Critical because our students, faculty, and distinguished guest writers fill these pages earnestly, simultaneously reflecting and refracting the very human experiences we all share.


Temporary imageMore importantly, the magazine is a space, a safe space not limited to just writers or the humanities. We welcome the thoughts and ideas of computer majors and mathematicians, the financially-savvy and the scientifically-driven, from engineers to entrepreneurs, we offer a place to express and share.




Make your Statement today.