Math 1083/1040

Peer-Led Undergraduate Study Sessions are moving to virtual modality.

There will no longer be in-person study sessions. 

For any questions, email the P.L.U.S. Coordinator

Monica Martinez-Zepeda at: [email protected]


                               Zoom Link:
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
11-12 Moises, Leif Moises, Johanna Leif, Md Moises, Johanna Franchesca, Shara
12-1 Moises, Leif, Md Moises, Johanna, Cynthia Leif, Md Moises, Johanna, Cynthia, Md Franchesca, Shara
1-2 Moises, Md Cynthia, Moises Md, Shara Cynthia, Moises, Md Franchesca, Shara
2-3 Franchesca, Md Cynthia, Moises, Leif Franchesca, Md, Shara Cynthia, Leif, Moises, Md Franchesca, Shara
3-4 Franchesca, Md Cynthia, Leif Franchesca, Md, Shara Cynthia, Leif Franchesca, Shara
4-5 Franchesca Johanna Franchesca Johanna Closed
5-6 Cynthia Johanna Cynthia, Shara Johanna Closed
6-7 Cynthia Johanna Cynthia, Johanna Johanna Closed